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froonium_icons's Journal

Four icon crazy scifi fans
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graphics by jsfunction, bizarra, sayuri_x and ghanimasun
Welcome to froonium_icons! This is a shared graphics community of four makers, bizarra, ghanimasun, sayuri_x and jsfunction.

We know each other from the Farscape fandom and most likely you'll find a lot of scifi icons here, but we icon many other fandoms too.

Profile layout by shadedcolor @ unpresented

Layout by endearest @ ohcodey


I'm really enthusiastic about icons. I've been iconing since winter 2010/2011. Right now I mostly icon various scifi and fantasy fandoms like Doctor Who, SPN, Farscape, Buffy, and especially LOST.
pickled onion lover, complusive romance reader and Lady Ninja. Probably too old for LJ but I love making icons so I am still here 6 years on. I tend to icon smaller fandoms and love my sci-fi/fantasy. Notable favourites are Walking Dead, Farscape, Fringe, SGA, Game Of Thrones and random films. You'll also find the occasional costume drama icons here too.
I make all kinds of graphics, not just icons and I tend toward small to middlin' fandoms; currently into Farscape, Tin Man, CSI:Vegas (until Grissom leaves). You may even see art for my crossover Farscape/CSI Mashup and the Original/Tin Man/Wizard of Oz Universe.
Lifelong scifi fan and probably too old for everything. Fandoms include Farscape, BSG, Sherlock, Fringe, and Community. Likes icons, beer, OTPs, and the Bechdel test. Stuck in a town where nothing ever happens. Current favorite characters to icon are Britta Perry and Olivia Dunham.