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20 multifandom icons for 20muses round 9

Atonement (2007) [4]
Dorian Gray (2009) [4]
The Fall (2006) [4]
Moonrise Kingdom (2012) [4]
Sherlock [4]

Omg WHY did I try to do two challenges in one month?? This was INSANE, but I gotta say the challenge post at 20muses really spoke to me! The inspiration was classic literature and the technical and interpretative themes in the post gave me the spark to try to make some more muted, grungy icons. I used hard mode. I also tried to match the palettes cause they were all super pretty. I loved each of the literary inspirations, so I made 4 icons per book and used the same fandom for each mini set. Having just rewatched some of my favorite movies for my previous set, I wanted to use the most fitting ones for these. Also randomly used Sherlock for Frankenstein cause why not :)

Everyone's sets for this round have been freaking impressive so I don't know if my last minute entry can add anything to that, but I hope you find something to like! I'm super behind on my commenting and that's because of how busy this damn set kept me for these past couple of weeks but I'll make sure to fully appreciate everyone's hard work for this challenge. I'm just extra happy that the comm is back.


[Fandoms and inspirations]Fandoms and inspirations:
1-4: Moonrise Kingdom, inspired by Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
5-8: Sherlock, inspired by Frankenstein
9-12: Atonement, inspired by Wuthering Heights
13-16: Dorian Grey, inspired by Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
17-20: The Fall, inspired by Les Misérables

Take any you want, no credit necessary but I'd really love to hear your feedback! ♥
Tags: !maker: jsfunction, movie: atonement, movie: dorian gray, movie: moonrise kingdom, movie: the fall, tv: sherlock, type: icons
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