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Random character project (set 10)

50 multifandom icons (10 by jsfunction, naginis, scarred_loretta, thyla87 and tinnny)

Fandoms: Captain America/MCU, Jessica Jones, Sherlock, Orphan Black,
Sense8, iZombie, Teen Wolf, The Walking Dead

This is it, the final round of the Random character project! I got this idea back in 2015 and tbh I never really thought we'd finish it, but here we are at the final round. While we've always been open for others to join us at will, we wanted to make this final round easier for everyone to join by posting the set of characters for everyone to see in advance. I'm super happy that we got three others besides me and thyla join, what a wonderful way to end this project. Hope everyone has had fun with this!! :)
Please let me know if I've made any mistakes with the table. This time there was more to post so it's entirely possible. I really really hope that I got all the entries, but I know there have been some instabilities in LJ's inbox system so if you think you've sent me a set but don't see it here, let me know asap and I'll put it in here!

The icons

Our characters for the 10th set were:

Moving on:
Steve Rogers (Captain America/MCU)
Jessica Jones (Jessica Jones/MCU)
Sherlock Holmes (BBC Sherlock)
John Watson (BBC Sherlock)

New characters:
Cosima Niehaus (Orphan Black)
Kala Dandekar (Sense8)
Liv Moore (iZombie)
Peter Hale (Teen Wolf)
Ravi Chakrabarti (iZombie)
Rick Grimes (The Walking Dead)

Maker Steve Jessica Sherlock John Cosima

Maker Kala Liv Peter Ravi Rick

alt by naginis:

Episode discussion

This time you'll only get episode discussion from me. A lot of these shows I had already seen completely so there are only a few notes, but they're long. For me this project has always been more about getting to know characters, iconing them was just an extra, so I'm happy I've found so many interesting shows and characters this way :)

[Episode thoughts]Jessica Jones
js (1.06 "AKA You're a Winner!"): Really good episode again. This one focused heavily on Jessica and Luke's messy relationship, and I always like it when action/superhero shows focus this intensely on the characters. The ending scene was fantastic, Luke finally learned the truth about what happened to his wife. Also there's something really cool about Jessica Jones that I don't think I've mentioned before: I really love the cinematography and the restrained use of background music on the show, both really set a suspenseful tone. I've noticed that both JJ and Daredevil feel somehow slower and more focused than a lot of other shows and movies in this genre that tends to have a rushed vibe, and it's not like there isn't a lot going on in the plot in these shows so I think it just comes down to the direction. Sadly no Trish in this episode.

Orphan Black
js (3.10 "History Yet to Be Written"): So, I've been watching S3 of Orphan Black. I loved this show so freaking much during the first season, which I watched super fast. After that it hasn't quite been able to recapture that magic, but it's still a well written quality show for sure and I love the characters, especially all the clones. It's just sometimes a bit hard to follow the plot cause there have been so many different players with different agendas on the board, the plot is very complex and fast so I think it would really benefit from some more quiet episodes or tighter focus on just one thing. Again a lot happened in this season finale. It's great to have some plotlines wrapped up now, with them finding the original sample in Kendall. The big reveal about Neolution being behind both projects is interesting, I mean it's another complication and another agenda to add to the mix which isn't so great but it also kinda makes the whole easier to grasp cause it's a logical connection between different plot parts.
There wasn't a lot of Cosima scenes in this episode but the ones we got were great. That kiss was lovely, I love her complex relationship with Delphine. BUT THEN THE SHOCKER. She can't be dead right???! :O I also really liked all the scenes with Kendall. I doubt we'll see her much in the future episodes but I really enjoyed her as a character. I'd still like to watch forward and see where the show goes now, so much of it has been about chasing the original sample so what now?
Helena is still my favorite character. Her relationship with all the sestras is pretty much my favorite thing about the show, but in this season I feel like we mostly saw her interact with other characters. She had some fun scenes with Donnie and Gracie, but I really wish we had seen her more with Sarah cause those scenes where she bailed on Sarah but then came back for her were great.
Anyway, I love that the seasons always end with a lovely group scene with everyone together, so the scene at Bubbles was perfect, and so was Sarah's reunion with Kira.

js (1.12 "I Can't Leave Her"): Oh wow, this was an amazingly emotional finale. THIS is how you combine a suspenseful action mission (rescuing Riley) with enough personal, character-centric emotional impact. All the Riley scenes were breathtaking. The traumatic flashbacks, her panic and having to rescue Will. The Riley/Will scenes on the mountains were super impactful.
Of course, all the other escape scenes were great too. I love how the big action scenes in this show are about how the cluster all take turns helping each other. That's such a cool unique angle and makes these scenes really good.
As for the character we're iconing, there really wasn't a lot of Kala. I like her, but she's not my favorite of the sensates. I feel like her arranged marriage storyline has been really dragging, how has she not broken up with Rajan yet? I did really like the scene where she's horrified by Wolfgang's violence.
Very impressed with this first season overall, the cinematography, the artistic vibe, the charactercentricness, the diversity, THE FEELS and of course the unique overall idea of the show have all been pretty spectacular.

js (1.02 "Brother, Can You Spare a Brain?"): iZombie seems like a fun show. At first when I got iZombie in another random watching project, I was hesitant to watch it because anything with zombies is usually way too gory and gross for me, but I had heard that this show has a very different, much lighter tone than most zombie shows, so I figured I'd give it a shot. This seems to be a good call because while the brain eating is mildly disturbing, the show is really not gory at all and is in fact pretty light and funny (this far at least). My favorite thing about iZombie is how Liv's personality is temporarily affected by the brains she eats, which leads to lots of funny situations like her talking in purple prose and being easily attracted to everyone after eating an artist's brains in this episode. I also like Ravi a lot and Blaine seems like an interesting character. I mean he seems like a total scumbag but those tend to be my favorite characters. The only character I'm not sold on yet is Liv's ex, he seems super basic but maybe that's the point, to see a huge contrast between her previous normal life and the crazy weird life she has now.
Overall a fun watch, I think this falls a bit somewhere in between for me that it's not quite humour-heavy enough to pass for a comedy show I'd totally love to watch but not emotional enough to be a drama show I'd also love to watch. It still seems like a pretty entertaining show with likeable characters, I'd be happy to watch more if it gets randomized again for some other project.
js (1.03 "The Exterminator"): This was probably my least favorite iZombie episode of the three I've watched. It was less funny and more gruesome and 'zombie-like', mostly because of the encounter with the 'full zombie' Marcie. There were very interesting elements to the plot though. It was cool to see Liv acting like a sociopath while consciously acknowleding the things she's doing and (not) feeling are wrong. The crime plot felt like it took almost all the time in this episode, it was alright but the crimes themselves are never the number one thing I like to pay attention to in an episode.
During this episode I realized one thing that is really cool and unique about this show: every episode introduces a new complex character who's already dead. I feel like we really got to know the artist in the previous episode and the killer in this one.
Ravi is such a sweetheart! One of my favorite minor scenes in this episode was how excited he was after pulling off the scheme.

Thanks so much for entering and also huge thanks to all the people who have voted in these polls and commented or just looked at and enjoyed our posts! :)

Feel free to snag any you like but please credit the correct maker. If someone wants to copy this idea for their own character voting project, we don't mind at all, this was a lot of fun!
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