a random javascript function (jsfunction) wrote in froonium_icons,
a random javascript function

January icon dump

LOST [8]
OUAT [6]
Survivor S33 [3]
Teen Wolf [3]
Orphan Black [2]
Project Runway [2]
RuPaul's Drag Race [2]
Sherlock [2]
Downton Abbey, Pushing Daisies, Star Wars: TFA, Supernatural, Twin Peaks [1 each]

Here are the various icons I've made for misc icon comms in January. idk what's going on but I had a very active iconing month (for me). I just got my inspiration back, even for some other shows than the ones I'm the most passionate about, so now I can do my usual randomizing thing and stuff like that. Yay! This batch is quite varied in techniques and styles cause a lot of different things inspired me this month, and I've been trying to push myself a little out of my box sometimes, like participating in the close crops challenges that two comms happened to have this month. I already have so many ideas for what I want to do with icons next, so stay tuned I guess?? :D Anyway, hope you enjoy some of these! ♥

LOST x3, OUAT x2
OUAT x4, Survivor
Survivor x2, Teen Wolf x3
Orphan Black x2, Project Runway x2, RPDR
RPDR, Sherlock x2, Downton Abbey, Pushing Daisies
Star Wars TFA, Supernatural, Twin Peaks

Snag any you like! Comments are always appreciated. ♥
Tags: !maker: jsfunction, movie: star wars, tv: downtown abbey, tv: lost, tv: once upon a time, tv: orphan black, tv: project runway, tv: pushing daisies, tv: rupaul's drag race, tv: sherlock, tv: supernatural, tv: survivor, tv: teen wolf, tv: twin peaks, type: icons
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