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Create a TV Show: Adrift

For the Green Light Challenge at Lands of Magic:

 photo title banner.jpg

The year is 2086 and the United Earth have sent their first long range space mission from the Martian Colony of Marte. The goal was to venture toward Pluto, then return to Mars. The expected duration of the trip was approximately three years. The Crew of the UES Roddenberry have been on their mission for a year and a half and were approaching Pluto. The mission thus far has been very uneventful. The crew was starting to get restless and bored. That changed the day they heard something they never expected to hear. A distress signal coming from an alien ship.

 photo carrie - marg.jpg
Marg Helgenberger as Captain Carrie Wilke
Carrie Wilke was born in the Martian colony of Rusty Bellow and dreamed of exploring space beyond her home planet of Mars. She became a pilot and enrolled in the United Earth Space Alliance's academy just out of high school. She excelled in her classes and graduated at the top of her field. The UES Roddenberry is her first command and she's eager to begin her space exploration career.

 photo ardis - claudia.jpg
Claudia Black as Captain Ardis Nadira
Alpha Centauri Captain Ardis Nadira and her crew had been on patrol near the Sol system when they were attacked by a Proximan cruiser. They were able to evade the warship by hiding among the moons of Sol Nine. They survived, but the ship was badly damaged and left adrift. She took a chance and initiated a distress beacon. An Earth vessal was the last one she'd expected to respond. She had no idea the humans were even space ready. Thankful for their help, she and her crew joined the humans on their ship. withthe combined technology of the Alpha Centari ship and the Roddenberry, the two crews united and set out on the Roddenberry to explore the unknown reaches of space.

The Rest of The Cast:
 photo dovie - shalita.jpg
Shalita Grant as Dovie Sosa
Dovie could create languages in her sleep and she was equally good at translating unusual and foreign ones. When the distress signal was heard, she was surprised to hear a completely alien language and focussed all her time in translating it as soon as possible. It was through her efforts that they learned the Alpha Centauri crew was friendly and then were able to blend the two crews when the alien ship proved to be beyond repair.

 photo alyse - hannah.jpg
Hannah James as Lt. Alyse Gates
Alyse was excited to be at the forefront of space exploration and jumped at the chance to be on the Roddenberry crew. Her navigational skills were next to none and shecouldn't wait to get behind the helm of the new ship.

 photo kuya - lupita.jpg
Lupita Nyong'o as Kuya Ukiva
Kuya is an excellent weapons officer for Captain Nadira. It was through her deft hand at the tactical station that the Adraste was able to survive the barrage of weaponry from the Baikonaur. She was able to hold them off long enough for the navigation officer, Taira Ko, to successfully hide them behind a moon. Now she is installing her weapons onto the human ship, with the understanding that she be the one in control of them.

 photo reda - michelle.jpg
Michelle Dockery as Reda Arce

Reda Arce, medical officer aboard the Adraste, is truthfully looking forward to learning about the human genetics. She's working closely with the human doctor Tuan Everett. Now that their two crews are working together, the two are setting up a medical bay that will hopefully be better equipped as they travel.

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