Bizarra (bizarra) wrote in froonium_icons,

5 Farscape wallpapers

OK, so I actually made things.... O.o These Wallpapers were made for the Star Trek Fanniversary inspiration Challenge at lands_of_magic I used Farscape because my creativity at the moment is tenuous at best, so I went with what I know. :) And what I knew I had image-wise. :)

prompt: Alien

Prompt: Interspecies Romance

Prompt: Love is in the Air

Prompt: Ragtag bunch of misfits

Prompt: Costume Evolution with a side of badass army because let's face it, she is a one woman army

Wallpaper sizes are 1399x768
Please don't post anywhere else without my permission, that includes any other social media. I'm tired of finding my stuff on Fanpop attributed to a total stranger. and yes, I know I need to start signing my art. My grandmother is probably rolling in her grave
Tags: !maker: bizarra, character: aeryn sun, character: john crichton, tv: farscape, type: landcomm challenge, type: wallpapers

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