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Farscape_20in20 - Round 19


What?!? 2 icon posts in one day from me? I am so high with a feeling of accomplishment it's not even funny. Even if you think these icons all suck monkey balls I am just so happy I managed to make them, with very little angst. Hopefully mu inspiration is back. Yay!

I decided to do a set for farscape_20in20. We had record sign-ups this month and I wanted to be a part of it! Most of these are Season 1 (cause of the blu-ray caps) and some Season 4. With a little more Aeryn than I usually do. Also, apologies to all the participants. I thought the cat set would be a breeze and I found it really difficult. LOL. Isn't it always the way!


CrowdedBlurNo ContrastClose & FarSymmetry
Hair pornYellowExpressionSkinIconic

CATEGORY - 2 into 5

Cap 1Cap 2BothRotateB&W



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Tags: !maker: sayuri_x, tv: farscape, type: icons

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