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33 icons: 10in30, turbo_rumble + others

Dorian Gray (2009) [26]
Once Upon a Time [2]
The Chronicles of Narnia, Moulin Rouge!, Teen Wolf, Guardians of the Galaxy, stock (tarantula) [1 each]

This is my set for the 5th round of 10in30, which was all about music inspiration, which is one of my favorite types of inspiration! I love it when a challenge makes it so easy to use text, in fact I somehow ended up putting lyrics on every single icon even though that definitely wasn't the plan when I started. This set is 100% ridiculous but I'm so much more happy with this set than my last one, and I really hope you'll like some of these! I've noticed that usually people prefer to make muted/vintage-colored icons for period pieces, but but BUT. Neon colors. They wanted to happen, so I let them (the only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it) :D

Dorian Gray is my new favorite story. I saw the 2009 film first and then read the original novel and I just love both. This set focuses on the experience-seeking, hedonism, and vanity aspect of the story cause it fits both my iconing style and my music library better :D but I love the tragic and angsty and gothic horror parts just as much and might use them for some other icons soon. (or maybe not, I really should take a break from iconing right about now so I could get somewhere with my thesis)

The playlist with explanations is under the spoiler cut, one icon for each song in the same order.


[Song inspirations]
Song inspirations:

1. X-perience: Mirror
Ok, this is cheating a little cause this song is almost definitely about the book so when I quote the lyrics I'm actually quoting the novel. But to make it a bit more of a challenge I also wanted to incorporate the title literally by using a mirror frame :)

2. Pet Shop Boys: The Sodom and Gomorrah Show
Basically about Henry's influence on Dorian. As you can see all of my interpretations are super literal. Like, I can totally see Henry literally advertising this kind of experience to Dorian, so why the hell not. :p

3. Steam Powered Giraffe: Me and My Baby (Saturday Nights)
Well, for them every night is a saturday night, but otherwise this song is definitely Henry and Dorian's theme song. Also I wanted to take this chance to introduce my favorite obscure band, Steam Powered Giraffe. They make weird steam-punk inspired songs with lots of cool storytelling in the lyrics, each album has its own story. This is one of their more 'normal' songs and makes sense on its own, but I also love the steam punk robot songs like Clockwork Vaudeville and Automatonic Electronic Harmonics, and the space adventures from the latest album. My top favorite of their songs is definitely The Suspender Man. But yeah, the lyrics in all of these are so out there that good luck using them with ANY fandom :p)

4. Lana del Rey: Carmen
I've already used this song for a Dorian icon (13 in this post), then I was inspired by the double life theme in this song but this time I used the parts about how lots of men and women find the titular character charming and attractive. (I know this song is about a prostitute but it still fits Dorian so well, even if he's not one.)

5. Pet Shop Boys: It's a Sin
Story of Dorian's life, no explanation needed :p

6. Killer: Naughty Boy
This is a finnish band and the song is from 2003 so I'm preeetty sure nobody here has heard it, and I'm not really sure how well it fits Dorian anyway but it happened to play while I was thinking of icon ideas and I was inspired by the repeated word 'naughty' and the 'devil without the horns and the tail' lyrics which I took to the logical conclusion :D (yeah I warned this would get silly)

7. Panic! at the Disco: Emperor's New Clothes
Well this just screams Dorian to me, he sure likes his fun and all the fancy things he can get his hands on :D and why yes, I did use Carnivalee Freakshow, one of the outdated trend fonts that nobody wants to touch anymore, lol. I actually really like it and it just fit so well so why not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I feel like this icon sums up my iconing style tbh.

8. Pet Shop Boys: Flamboyant
I used this song as an excuse to do that to his clothing. Sorry, Dorian, but nobody is safe from my questionable artistic alterations! I think this song fits nicely with the theme of his obsession on eternal beauty, and how Dorian gets used to getting a lot of attention for his looks, and how he learns to use his beauty to get what he wants and how his lifestyle alone ultimately makes him (in)famous in London.

9. Sin with Sebastian: Shut Up and Sleep with Me
Couldn't resist, sorry not sorry :D The song about exactly what it says on the tin so that's what I used for inspiration. I used a lot of willpower for not getting particularly attached to this ship because it would hurt too freaking much, poor Basil :'( but I definitely enjoyed their kiss scene in the film and was stunned at how badly hidden the 'subtext' was in the original novel. It was lovely UNTIL IT WASN'T DD: Also. I did not think about how useful any of these icons are as, you know, userpics. I can't imagine anyone actually commenting to anyone else with this one :') but hey, this is a nonexistent fandom so nobody would probably have had use for any of these anyway :p

10. Panic! at the Disco - There's a Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey, You Just Haven't Thought Of It Yet
This was the last song I picked, and it's not a perfect match but there are some lyrics that definitely fit Dorian, and the ones I used reminded me so much of the scene in the film when he returns from his adventures and everyone is stunned and a bit creeped out that he still looks the same.

+ other icons, including my turbo_rumble set with some alts and some theiconthrone entries and a few random icons.

more Dorian Gray
Dorian Gray, The Chronicles of Narnia (what :3), OUAT x2, Moulin Rouge!
Teen Wolf, Guardians of the Galaxy, a random tarantula

And well, I just wanted to thank people for this:

My set was 13, 14, 16, 28, 30 and 31. Those icons took so much work and time, not to mention how high the bar was this round, so I was not expecting any placement at all. So thanks again for the votes and also for the concrit! I didn't want to touch these massive psds anymore, but all the tips were definitely welcome and something to keep in mind for future icons. (The alts for my t-r icons in this post were made before I entered, so the tips I got have not been applied to those at all :p)
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