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Random character project by jsfunction, shameless666 & thyla87 (set 8)

30 multifandom icons (10 by jsfunction, 10 by shameless666, 10 by thyla87)

Fandoms: Captain America: Civil War, Jessica Jones, Harry Potter, Chobits, Fringe,
Gone Girl, Teen Wolf, Mawaru Penguindrum, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Moulin Rouge!

Gah, this has taken forever but finally, set 8 of the random character challenge is done. Only two more left! o.O Quite frankly I'm surprised we even got this far since usually I'm terrible at following through when I have an idea. Maybe it's the company that did it :) Another very tight voting round, thanks for all the votes! We lost one of the characters who had survived the most rounds this far, Olivia, so that was surprising. Now we have a very solid-looking three going forward, and looking at our new set of characters consisting mostly of older or more obscure fandoms, I'd guess that it will be difficult for any of these to beat the current leaders, but you decide, use your votes well! ;)
As always, you can find info on what this is, and our previous posts, in this tag.

The icons

Our characters for the 8th set were:

Moving on:

Steve Rogers (MCU)
Jessica Jones (Jessica Jones)
Harry Potter (Harry Potter)

New random characters:

Chii (Chobits)
Walter Bishop (Fringe)
Amy Dunne (Gone Girl (2014))
Allison Argent (Teen Wolf)
Takakura Himari (Mawaru Penguindrum)
Esmeralda (The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996))
Satine (Moulin Rouge! (2001))

Maker Steve Jessica Harry Chii Walter

Maker Amy Allison Himari Esmeralda Satine

The poll

Which characters would you like to see in the next set? You can vote for as many as you like, but only 3 will move on (unless there are ties). The voting will last for 3 days, it is open until Monday 23.5. 19:00 UTC. Please note that you're voting for characters, NOT icons, so you're just voting for characters you like, and not characters whose icons you liked the most!

Poll #2045293 character poll 8
This poll is closed.

Which characters would you like to see in the next set?

Steve Rogers
Jessica Jones
Harry Potter
Walter Bishop
Amy Dunne
Allison Argent
Takakura Himari

Episode discussion

We also watched one episode of each of the shows these characters are from; if anyone is interested in our opinions or discussing the episodes/shows, you can read our thoughts behind the spoiler cut, and tell us your own thoughts in the comments - we'd love to discuss these fandoms :) This was just a bit of extra fun though, and we didn't have to icon that specific episode.

[Episode thoughts (SPOILERS for Civil War!)]Captain America
js (Civil War): Yessss this was so good. Damn, I liked everything. There was SO MUCH STUFF and characters that it easily could have felt too packed (like AoU ahem), but instead this was such an entertaining, awesome movie. I loved the 'civil war', loved that there is now a split that didn't completely get resolved by the end, so this shakes the status quo up a bit, awesome! And most of all I liked that both sides had valid points and the movie itself didn't feel like it sided with either of them. So many super interesting character relationships and interactions, I particularly enjoy Steve's interactions with Tony, Bucky, Sam and basically everyone. Natasha seemed like a totally different character from AoU and so awesome again. Loved the humour provided by Ant-Man and Spiderman, and while I already liked Steve I like him even more now.
thyla87 (Civil War): I went to see the newest Steve movie. It was nice to see the Avengers characters again. I really like the relationship between Steve and Barnes. Sometimes I've felt like Steve is too perfect but in this movie we saw some more interesting sides of him which gave him more depth. I like that he chose Bucky's side and wanted to use vigilante justice, like he's above the law. Steve has to choose between his friends which made it clear he's not perfect. I liked the fight scenes in this movie and the relationships. Spider Man was funny!

Jessica Jones
js (1.02 Crush Syndrome): I liked this episode a lot. Jessica is great and the plot really suspenseful. I really liked her scenes with Trish a lot, Trish seemed much more interesting in this episode than the pilot. I also liked the twins. Kilgrave was creeeeepy. The most horrifying and poignant part of this episode for me was the guy who had given up both his kidneys to Kilgrave and asked Jessica to kill him. Ugh. That was messed up.
thyla87 (1.03 It's Called Whiskey): We found out more about Jessica's past and Kilgrave's weakness was revealed. I also like the Trish character and her relationship with Jessica. The episode also hinted how Jessica and Luke got their powers and it would be nice to know about that more. Malcolm seems like a nice side character even though he's high all the time :D Sometimes I feel like he could develop into something more because it seems like there is something mysterious about him. Or maybe I'm just imagining it :D Jessica's neighbors also were suspicious and the guy seems a bit weird ;D I like Jessica a lot; she's not a typical hero. The episode was interesting and I might start watching it after the challenge.

js (1 Chi Awakens): Oookay so this was over the top fanservicey, and that seems to be the main point, so idk. Otherwise the premise might have been interesting, I quite like the idea of persocoms and exploring that tech (IN NON PORNY WAYS) but the main character was super annoying, first whining that he doesn’t have money for a luxury item that is in no way necessary for everyone to have, and then basically being a perv for the rest of the episode while worried that people ‘think’ he’s a perv. What even??? :D who is the target audience for this? yeah I wasn’t a fan of this episode tbh, even though there was some potential. Maybe the manga is better?
thyla87 (1 Chi Awakens): I'm not sure what to say about this one :D It wasn't to my taste at all and not even crazy in a good way :p I thought the idea sounded promising when there was a machine as one of the main characters and it was clear the guy and the computer would fall in love. I liked the Persocom idea when I read about the plot, but it was badly executed. I didn't like the main guy at all and that half of the episode was basically about porn xD

js (1.11 Bound): This episode followed really nicely from the previous one, I liked how Olivia escaped on her own. The tense scenes between Olivia and Samantha were suspenseful and some of my favorites. I definitely want to know more about wtf Loeb was talking about at the end where he claimed he was trying to save her??? What are the two sides? I feel like something epic was foreshadowed there so that's awesome. It was also nice to see Olivia's more relaxed side with her family, though I'm not sure how well those scenes fit with the rest of the episode - I assume this plot too will play some bigger part later. I watched this episode some time ago so I don't remember it so well - I definitely liked it but it probably wasn't the most impactful Fringe episode this far since I remember so little of it.
thyla87 (1.04 The Arrival): This maybe wasn't the best episode plotwise, but there was a lot that I liked. There was a lot of the father-son relationship in this episode. I understand quite well why Peter got so annoyed with his dad even though I personally like Walter as a character ;D But I wouldn't want him as a father either :p Walter's behavior in this episode seemed strange and selfish at first, he was awful at Peter too. But his motive turned out to be very human and they got on a bit better. I liked Peter's interrogations scene, which I would have liked to see more of xD Also the Observer was interesting and I'm sure we'll see more of him in the future.

Gone Girl
js: I kiiinda wondered if I should watch this one at all, because it might have been too bloody for me, but since the gore was only in one scene and I could tell when it's coming I decided to go for it. And that was definitely a great decision since I really loved this creepy, complex, well plotted movie. Seriously, Amy was... not really a likeable character, but definitely fascinating in every way, wow. The investigation stuff was super interesting and the plot was just so clever, this movie really made an impact. It's hard to say more but I definitely recommend that everyone should see this if you haven't already.

Teen Wolf
js (1.02 Second Chance at First Line): Remember when Teen Wolf was good and focused on the basics? Yeah. S1 was so good. I loved the plot of Derek being the suspected killer, loved Scott still struggling with wolf stuff (and that supernatural powers felt special since literally everyone but stiles didn't have them yet), loved the Scott-Stiles friendship and how uncomplicated it was at the time and in this episode my favorite scenes were them sneaking out at night to investigate Derek's property finding Laura Hale's missing half. God that cene was creepy, with her being a dead wolf at first! Also, some awesome humour, I especially loved the scene where Scott tried to explain to Coach why he can't play. (I miss Coach.)
thyla (1.01 Wolf Moon): The first episode was promising and wonderfully silly. I liked the humor. I found it a bit stereotypical that a new girl comes to school and the main guy has a crush on her. But I like that the werewolves are different from other werewolf shows. I was amused at first but it fits this show. I loved the Sciles friendship. Allison seemed a bit too perfect and I wasn't immediately into her. Derek was mysterious and the hunters brought some suspense into it. Nice pilot episode.

Mawaru Penguindrum
js (1 The Bell of Fate Tolls): This is what I already knew as 'that penguin anime I've seen cute icons of'. So, I was pretty excited to take a look, and it didn't disappoint! I found the first episode both cute and fascinating. I mean, the penguins??!! SO CUTE. And also useful, it seems, since they did various tasks for the family. Consider me intrigued - what are they?? Why are they there and why can't other people see them? The peek into the other dimension or destination of their fate or whatever that was was pretty wtf but I'd like to know more. What fascinated me the most (besides the penguins) were these weird little animations of a train moving from stop to stop, or something like that, cause it gave me the sense of something big being set into motion, and this episode being the first step. Awesome. While I really liked the plot of this episode, what interested me the least so far were the characters themselves since Himari seemed like the perfect angelic sick girl, and the guys didn't really stand out that well yet either but idk, I wouldn't mind giving this anime another shot?
thyla87 (1 The Bell of Fate Tolls): This anime was much better than Chobits. It was cute that two brothers took care of their little sister and that this was about family, not romance. The penguins were cute :D And it was fun when one of the brothers thought that everyone could see the penguins but was wrong. The entity that saved Himari's life was interesting and it would be interesting to see more of its world. But I don't think I'll keep watching this, it didn't quite click even though there were some good things in it.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame
js: I rewatched this movie because while I've probably seen it before, I was so young that I don't really remember much. I really liked the unusual setting and the fact that this is probably one of the darker Disney films. I didn't really like the gargoyles because their scenes kinda took away from the otherwise dramatic tone, but everything else was good. The songs were fantastic, and I loved the acceptance theme and was very much moved by the end where Quasimodo gets to finally live among other people. Well worth a watch!
thyla87: I really like this Disney movie! Quasimodo is a very sympathetic character and I like his relationhsip with Esmeralda.

Moulin Rouge!
js: Man, I LOVED Moulin Rouge! and yes this was actually the first time I saw it in whole - I had seen parts 10+ years ago but that doesn't count. Anyway, this movie really resonated with me because this is exactly the kinda stuff I'm into right now. Looooved all the catchy songs, the HUMOR (omg the scene where Christian and Satine meet alone and she thinks he's the Duke :D), the FEELS, the general vibe and setting of the film and of course Satine's super interesting character. I also loved Christian the hopeless romantic, nice to see us represented so well :D and basically all of the cast was awesome. Everything about the movie was so colorful and cool. Loved it, easily one of my favorite movies now!
thyla87: This has one of my favorite actors in it, Ewan McGregor. I like the music and the tragedy in this movie. It's not a typical love story, where the guy gets the girl. I liked the way the story was told after it had already happened to Christian and he's typing it. The music and the shows in the movie are great and the side characters very good too. A guy falling in love with a beautiful woman performing on stage is quite typical, yet the movie ends in tragedy. Satine's death scene is sad, beautiful and dramatic.

Feel free to snag any you like but please credit the correct maker. If someone wants to copy this idea for their own character voting project, we don't mind at all. If you would like to join our project instead, there's still room for more as long as you're easy to contact, have time for this, let me do the randomizing and are fine with iconing any fandoms and characters :>
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