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Random character project by jsfunction, shameless666 & thyla87 (set 7)

30 multifandom icons (10 by jsfunction, 10 by shameless666, 10 by thyla87)

Fandoms: Fringe, Captain America/MCU, Teen Wolf, Supernatural,
Moonrise Kingdom (2012), Hannibal, Game of Thrones, Jessica Jones, Harry Potter

Set 7 of our random character project is finally here - this round took us a bit more time cause both me and thyla suffered from some inspiration loss. There are so many amazing challenges going on lately that this slower pace might just be the rule and not the exception for these last few rounds, but we'll see! Last round we had another very interesting poll, there were lots of ties and the voting situation was super close all the time, until again four characters moved on. Clearly just one vote can make a difference so we definitely hope you continue to vote for your faves! :) As always, you can find info on what this is, and our previous posts, in this tag.

The icons

Our characters for the 7th set were:

Moving on:

Olivia Dunham (Fringe)
Steve Rogers (MCU)
Lydia Martin (Teen Wolf)
Dean Winchester (Supernatural)

New random characters:

Suzy Bishop (Moonrise Kingdom (2012))
Hannibal Lecter (Hannibal)
Jon Snow (Game of Thrones)
Jessica Jones (Jessica Jones)
Harry Potter (Harry Potter)
Isaac Lahey (Teen Wolf)

Maker Olivia Steve Lydia Dean Suzy

Maker Hannibal Jon Jessica Harry Isaac

The poll

Which characters would you like to see in the next set? You can vote for as many as you like, but only 3 will move on (unless there are ties). The voting will last for 3 days, it is open until Tuesday 12.4. 19:00 UTC. Please note that you're voting for characters, NOT icons, so you're just voting for characters you like, and not characters whose icons you liked the most!

Poll #2041860 character poll 7
This poll is closed.

Which characters would you like to see in the next set?

Olivia Dunham
Steve Rogers
Lydia Martin
Dean Winchester
Suzy Bishop
Hannibal Lecter
Jon Snow
Jessica Jones
Harry Potter
Isaac Lahey

Episode discussion

We also watched one episode of each of the shows these characters are from; if anyone is interested in our opinions or discussing the episodes/shows, you can read our thoughts behind the spoiler cut, and tell us your own thoughts in the comments - we'd love to discuss these fandoms :) This was just a bit of extra fun though, and we didn't have to icon that specific episode. Thyla didn't have time for this part now but this time shameless did have some episode thoughts instead. This section is however smaller than usual.

[Episode thoughts]
js (1.10 Safe): Fringe continues to captivate me with imaginative, suspenseful plots. I knew this would be good when I saw the guy half inside the wall, omg. Loooved the science behind that as well as the whole point of the episode: to free that guy (who I totally knew would be important later, and was waiting for that!) from his cell. I really like what I've seen of Fringe this far and honestly, this is just A+ material plotwise, and I have to shamelessly admit that if the show had any shippy potential I'd probably already be watching full steam. It's just that one element I need to get really invested in something, which is shallow af but it is what it is...

Teen Wolf
js (5.20 Apotheosis): I quite liked the season finale, it wrapped up things pretty neatly. Thankfully the Theo's pack and Dread Doctors things seem to be over now. The 'Allison saved them' thing might be cheesy but also a little bit moving, so, I was all for that :) I don't really remember much else from the episode cause it's been a few weeks now, oops. But I did like it and I especially enjoyed badass Kira. I'm not quite sure if the desert wolf storyline is over now?? It's been on for so long, I kinda feel like it's dragging at this point but I also don't want it to end without having Peter involved in that family drama, so idk what to think.
js (2.01 Omega): I also watched Isaac's first episode for inspiration, since he wasn't in the 5th season :( . Back when I first saw this episode I was a little disappointed because it was a turn for much darker stories from the light fun that was s1, but after seeing what a mess TW has become after that I definitely have a new found appreciation for s2, lol. Really this was a good episode, I especially loved Lydia's parts because it was the start of her banshee powers getting activated! As for Isaac, well this introduction didn't quite succeed in getting me interested in the character yet, but later he grew to be such an awesomely funny and awesome character, definitely one of my TW faves, I wish he'd return to the show.
shameless (5.20 Apotheosis): It was a good episode. Every episode with shirtless Parrish is a good episode lol jk. There was lot of action and lot of fun. And thank god, they managed to wrap some storylines. There was lot of double-crossing this episode, it was like a giant chain. First, Theo killed Tracey to get her power and then turned against Deucalion, who eventually turned out to be working with Scott and ended up being shot by Gerard. Of course Chris was expecting that Gerard has it's own plan, so ... Anyway, aside from that, every character has like a perfect timing? C'mon everyone just popped whenever they were needed . And let's talk about how every main character (+ some side characters) bleed from a possible fatal wound and yet no one died? Lydia's throat was sliced, Stiles had a piece of glass almost in his heart, Braeden was shot by the Desert Wolf, Malia was shot multiple times by her mom and then some, Scott was almost killed by the beast, etc. And at the end everyone is magical healed and no one's dealing with mental trauma and it's all forgotten. Anyway, besides that crap which is nothing new, the episode was good and I'm glad they saved Mason.

js (10th season): Ok so I seem to have watched the entire 10th season during this time, and it was my favorite of the later seasons, actually. The mark of cain storyline was good. The Winchester drama was enjoyable and I loved that the focus was on them and there were no unnecessary characters involved. Castiel's parts got considerably better after Hannah returned to heaven. The season featured a perfect amount of Crowley (forever fave) and his mom who I freaking adore. The best female character on this show EVER. Of course you can't talk about s10 without mentioning Charlie. Personally I feel like a poignant, dramatic death scene (especially a heroic sacrifice one that contributes to the plot majorly!) is absolutely the best thing a character can get and the mark of an important character, so I don't get why fans would be upset. It's SPN, basically everyone dies. Anyway, not sure what to make of the cliffhanger, the 'darkness' could mean anything, but after a great season I'm definitely more interested in continuing this show which had been increasingly 'meh' for a few seasons before this one.
shameless (10.02 Reichenbach): Okay, it was a long time since I watched the show, so I picked up where I left. Cas's storyline is soo boring, I basically forwarded his scenes. But I loved the scene with the little kid, it was funny. The highlight of the episode is the music as always, I can't remember how many songs I've heard on the show that I absolutely love. And of course Crowley, I enjoyed every scene he was in, especially at the end with Sam. I laughed so hard at "Stop it, Samantha". The fight between Cole and Dean was fun to watch too, it seems like he will stick around. It was an okay episode, but not good enough to pick my interest again. But if Dean continues in this project, I might watch another episode.

Moonrise Kingdom
js: I had never even heard of this movie but boy did I love it! My favorite thing was the setting, there was something incredibly atmospheric about the retro vibe and the idyllic surroundings. And the plot was so cute, two young star-crossed lovers trying to run off in all seriousness. Idek. It was a relaxing movie to watch, not something super dramatic or 'big' but that's maybe why I liked it so much? I like movies that show the preteen phase as something less innocent than is normally shown in media, because that way it's more relatable to me. Idk if I was weird or something but I definitely had these larger than life crushes allll the time at that age (if anything, it toned down a bit when I hit my actual teen years! but only a bit.), so I liked that aspect of the film.

Jessica Jones
js (1.01 Ladies Night): I didn't think I'd like this show at all, since I had heard that it's pretty depressing. And that was definitely true, there were some really dark elements in this pilot but there was also something I liked a lot: an interesting, instantly likeable (because of her unapologetic unlikeability!) main character. I just really loved Jessica and found the episode compelling pretty much for that reason alone. I don't think it's my kind of tv, and I don't see myself watching this outside of this project, but I liked it way more than I thought I would and the shocker elevator scene at the end was definitely impact-making.

Feel free to snag any you like but please credit the correct maker. If someone wants to copy this idea for their own character voting project, we don't mind at all. If you would like to join our project instead, there's still room for more as long as you're easy to contact, have time for this, let me do the randomizing and are fine with iconing any fandoms and characters :>
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