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Best of Icons.

This is a vaguely pointless post, but I figured I'd ramble about the icons of mine that got top votes at bestof_icons. I've included the ones that got the most votes, the ones grouped together got the same amount of votes. Also I feel bad because I totally meant to vote on more of these polls when they were posted but forgot totally and missed the majority of them.

Winning icon:

I was sorta happy with this icon because I don't often do silhouettes or anything fancy like this. (Yes I realize this isn't that fancy, but it is for me lol). I was lucky I found a texture that I used for the text on this, because I just found it randomly and it worked so perfectly. I'm often afraid with silhouettes or things like this that they won't be recognized for who they are or what they're from but I think this one works, at least for people familiar with the fandom at all. I did put some actual work into this icon so I'm not unhappy it was chosen as the best, but a little surprised I suppose.

Runner ups:

These three I'm all slightly confused on. The Nikita icon I thought was totally okay but felt like an average-ish icon for me. The Orphan Black icon I actually didn't do that much work to, a lot of that coloring came out with a few basic edits. The Olivia icon, I don't know why it's so seemingly popular, I thought it was average to mediocre honestly but I remember it getting a fair amount of nominations too. I guess I have a bad gauge of what is good in my library of icons.

This one is pretty okay I'd say. I like the crop and I did some nice work on the overall look but I'm not sure I'd have picked it out as one of the best.

This one is sort of funny because I'm not in this fandom, I've never even seen an episode of this show. I'm not sure if the fandom choice is why it got voted so highly or if it's actually sort of okay. I didn't hate it but I felt like I could have done a better job on the execution if only I had researched how to do what I wanted!

Both of these I am pretty happy with. Neither fancy, but both about the extent of my skills really, and what I consider decent icons for me. I don't really get much more complicated when it comes to icons.
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