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Create a TV Show: The Big Dark

 photo big dark.jpg

*large(ish) images under cut)

The Big Dark is a vast and dangerous place. No more so than at Station Vetmi, in orbit over the not entirely abandoned planet of Borrav. Taking advantage of the rampant crime, Jevalyn Kurr set up a detective agency, similar to the ones she's heard about on the Earth recordings, such a Sam Dane or Philip Marlowe. She is willing to help solve any crime that may walk through her door willing to pay a few dobras. And many do ...

 photo jevalyn character.jpg
Jevalyn Kurr - Claudia Black
Jevalyn is a Shahari from Shahar. Her species is a rodent-like humanoid with a whip-like tail that has 6 opposable fronds on the end that can act as a third hand. She's been wandering the Big Dark since her adulting, when she left the planet to 'find herself' and never went back. She's survived by doing a little of everything. She's been on both sides of the law and usually found herself on top. Now, she calls herself a private detective, inspired largely by the old radio entertainment recordings she's found from a planet called earth. She takes on clients and helps to solve their mysteries by skirting the law to help them.

Recurring Characters
 photo khrelan character.jpg
Khrelan - Alton Brown
Khrelan is a Khepri from the planet Khepr. His species is feline humanoid with excellent evasive skills He's been chasing Jev since she betrayed his trust and broke up his gambling ring on Jitari V. He's bound and determined to see her dead for her betrayal, and his chase of her is personal. They were once partners in that crime, and now that she's turned into a snitch, he wants her dead.

Murta "Kid" - Gigi Edgley
Kid is a youngling who just appeared on Jev's doorstep one day. She was looking for her parents and needed Jev's help. They have yet to find Murta's parents, but, Jev will keep looking. Murta stays around and helps Jev with her other cases for payment and has more than once gotten Jev out of a tight situation. Jev is doubtful she'll ever find Kid's parents but, in the meanntime, she'll keep the little one around for the company.

 photo Borrav.jpg
Borrav- An abandoned planet mostly taken over by various riff raff, and other unsavory nomads.

 photo borrav station2.jpg  photo borrav station1.jpg
Vetmi - Once a bustling and busy, well respected space station, but since the catastrophic shift in Borrav's atmostphere, the Borravians have left their world for the far reaches of the Dark, leaving the station and the planet at the mercy of the nomads and those looking for the perfect place to hide in the Dark. (Both images found via Google search)

 photo ship by brandonmcdoughall.jpg
Jev's ride. A ship she calls Freedom, that she found left behind a=in the docks at the station. *Ship design/art by Brandon Mcdoughall (Found via Google search)

 photo jevalyn costume.jpg  photo khrelan costume.jpg

Hope the Scifi channel doesn't mess this one up. ;)
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