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Random character project by jsfunction, shameless666 & thyla87 (set 6)

30 multifandom icons (10 by jsfunction, 10 by shameless666, 10 by thyla87)

Fandoms: Fringe, Game of Thrones, Captain America, The Avengers: Age of Ultron, The 100,
The Walking Dead, Teen Wolf, Hotarubi no Mori e, Supernatural, Inception, Parade's End

We're on set 6 already, so even if we're really gonna go for a full 10 sets, we're over halfway there already and personally I'm still having a lot of fun with this project, hopefully you (the watchers and other participants) are as well :) Huge thanks to all the lovely people who voted or commented last round, too - the character poll was very close and for the first time more than 3 characters moved on, because of a tie, so this should be another interesting round of voting! Three of these characters have moved on from at least two consecutive polls now, let's see if that happens again or if some new blood makes it past one or more of them. As always, you can find info on what this is, and our previous posts, in this tag.

The icons

Our characters for the 6th set were:

Moving on:

Olivia Dunham (Fringe)
Sansa Stark (Game of Thrones)
Steve Rogers (MCU)
Clarke Griffin (The 100)

New random characters:

Daryl Dixon (The Walking Dead)
Lydia Martin (Teen Wolf)
Gin (Hotarubi no Mori e)
Dean Winchester (Supernatural)
Arthur (Inception)
Christopher Tietjens (Parade's End)

Maker Olivia Sansa Steve Clarke Daryl

Maker Lydia Gin Dean Arthur Christopher

+ Alts by thyla87:

The poll

Which characters would you like to see in the next set? You can vote for as many as you like, but only 3 will move on (unless there are ties). The voting will last for 3 days, it is open until Monday 7.3. 15:00 UTC. Please note that you're voting for characters, NOT icons, so you're just voting for characters you like, and not characters whose icons you liked the most!

Poll #2038797 character poll 6
This poll is closed.

Which characters would you like to see in the next set?

Olivia Dunham
Sansa Stark
Steve Rogers
Clarke Griffin
Daryl Dixon
Lydia Martin
Dean Winchester
Christopher Tietjens

Episode discussion

We also watched one episode of each of the shows these characters are from; if anyone is interested in our opinions or discussing the episodes/shows, you can read our thoughts behind the spoiler cut, and tell us your own thoughts in the comments - we'd love to discuss these fandoms :) This was just a bit of extra fun though, and we didn't have to icon that specific episode.

[Episode thoughts (incl. very recent Teen Wolf, so SPOILER ALERT!)]Fringe
js (1.09 The Dreamscape): Another suspenseful episode! I'm loving all the weird science, and in this episode the highlight was definitely Olivia going back to the tank and exploring John's memories. The moment when he sees her in the restaurant was a shocker and I'm very curious to learn HOW. My other favorite moment was right at the end of the episode when Walter has to say no to Olivia, who wants to go back again. It's a very heartwarming moment to see Walter put Olivia's safety first, even before his science, scenes like this definitely keep him from being a caricature and make him more human.
thyla (1.05 Power Hungry): Lol, this was fun; halfway into the episode I started to wonder why I didn't remember anything about Peter's torture and no wonder, I had skipped episode 4 by accident. I have to go back to it after this one. Fringe hasn't become my favorite series yet but there's something addictive about it. Walter was funny again and the mysteries progressed further. We'll see how long John haunts Olivia and how 'real' it is.

js (The Avengers: Age of Ultron): Oh well, this definitely wasn't the best MCU movie I've watched for this project. Which is weird because the premise sounded interesting, I'm very much into AI and AI taking over was a pretty cool idea for a plot, however somethinbg about the execution was lacking cause as a whole the plot was pretty boring and I don't actually remember much about it? I did like the twins a lot, as well as everything about Tony's stubborn ways, how he insists on continuing his questionable experiments. And idk, even though I'm usually pretty bleh about basically perfect heroes like Steve, I've sorta grown to love him a lot. He's such an old guy sometimes and I find that super endearing! But wtf happened to Natasha? I didn't like her scenes in this movie very much and usually she's so great :/

The 100
js (1.02 Earth Skills): This show had a fantastic pilot but this second episode was considerably more dull. There was too much screen time for Octavia and the random guy's random romance, idk. I liked Finn more in this episode than the pilot but I definitely don't want a Finn-Clarke-Wells triangle, I hope that's not where we're heading, so Bellamy pls shut up about it. The best thing about the episode was the introduction of Raven, I liked this character a lot from the start and I'm very interested in the storyline of her and Abigail trying to fly to the Earth. Other than that, not much stood out in this episode, but I already ordered s1 before seeing this ep so I guess I'm gonna watch it at some point.
thyla (3.05 Hakeldama): The episode had a suspenseful atmosphere. The group has clearly divided into factions and many are looking for their place. The new chancelor Pike caused a lot of disagreements, but many also supported him. He's much tougher and he wages war. I haven't much liked Bellamy and the way his character has developed. He clearly supports Pike and slaughtered innoents. I'm afraid of what's going to happen to him and if he'll die. Clarke's trying to keep peace but hasn't been successful yet. I'm also surprised that Clarke has forgiven Lexa. I liked that the episode featured Murphy again, after him being absent in a few episodes. His relationship with the girl had developed but I didn't mind, the girl seems like a pretty interesting character.

The Walking Dead
thyla (6.09 No Way Out): This was an exciting episode. I had to be afraid of who's going to die, or if anyone is. Even the main characters don't seem to be safe in this show. I was surprised that the group Sasha, Abraham and Daryl met died so soon. I thought they'd cause some trouble in the future and would be featured more, but Daryl got them killed :D The mood at Rick's camp was suspenseful as well. Zombies had overtaken the entire place and the characters had to fight their way out. It was cool how everyone finally faced their fears and participated in the fight and beat the zombies together. Rick also saw the good side of the Alexandria group and I think he'll respect them more in the future.

Teen Wolf
js (5.19 The Beast of Beacon Hills): Fast-paced episode, a lot happened, and no wonder, there's so much to wrap up before the season ends. I'm so ready for the dread doctors plot, the Theo's pack plot and the beast plot to be over, but I hope Malia vs mom plot and Kira's powers getting out of control plot carry on to the next season so that they can get proper time to develop. Why are there so many plots going on at the same time anyway? I feel like this is a trend in current tv, too damn much has to happen all the time, so the pacing feels too fast. I'm SHOCKED about Mason being the Beast o.O this season has put a lot of decent effort into making him a relevant character but Liam is still the only relatively new character I've grown sort of attached to. Mason is the second least expendable of them, but I still can't say I care too much. I feel like there are way too many characters in this show, which makes it harder to really get attached to anyone in particular, especially the newest additions. Anyway, I totally predicted that we'd see the french madman again. I think the season finale will be interesting, but this definitely has been the worst season and I want to move on to something more interesting. I'm pretty sad about the fact that while Lydia has gotten a lot of screentime this season, she didn't actually get to do much and her character is so different and depressing now. She's still my fave, because of reasons, but I really miss s2!
thyla (5.19 The Beast of Beacon Hills): I was very sad that Mason is the Beast! I like the character, he's sympathetic and nice. I hope he'll return back to being Mason. But I liked that at least two of the dread doctors were killed! Their plot has been good but now I've started to get a bit bored and I hope they won't be in the next season. A new enemy would be welcome. The episode also had too much stydia, which I don't like. Lydia's character in general has become worse, this season she just waited to be rescued, I hope there's more in store for her next season. I also find the Kira and Scott relationship boring, a new relationship for Scott would be welcome, or no relationship at all. But I liked the way the episode progressed the plot, e.g. finding out about the Beast and the dead dread doctors. The 5th season wasn't my favorite but I'm looking forward to the finale. Lots of questions are still open.

Hotarubi no Mori e
js: Oh, this shortish movie was pretty freaking good! I loved the wistful atmosphere, and this was an A+ execution of the starcrossed lovers trope. I loved the bittersweet ending scene especially, how they finally got to embrace for a moment ;__; but basically everything about this movie was beautiful. I loved the peaceful pacing, and the mysterious spirits and their weird fest, and I really liked both Gin and Hotaru as characters. All in all, lovely atmospheric movie, a very complete story, gave me lots of feels for sure.
thyla: This little movie wasn't to my usual taste, it was a bit too boring and didn't make an impact, there wasn't much happening in it. Their friendship was beautiful though and Gin was freed because of it. It was nice to get to admire all the beautiful scenery :D

js (10.1 Black): The 10th season had a very interesting opening which is promising, since this show has been on for so freaking long and lost a lot of steam along the way that it's not an easy task to keep it interesting. But yeah, I really liked this episode, especially the fact that this is basically a Sam-Dean-Crowley triangle drama now? :p I love Sam's desperation and dedication to save Dean, but Dean's a mess and Crowley is always entertaining, I'm glad he seems to have a big role this season again. Castiel is basically super boring at this point, he was my favorite character at some point but only very briefly, now I feel like they're just dragging him along, his storyline is nowhere near as interesting as Dean and Sam's and the angel he hangs out with is duller than dust. But this was a strong season opener in general, I'm interested in seeing how this plays out.
thyla (10.11 There's No Place Like Home): This was a funny episode! The season has been pretty serious, so a small break from that was nice. The mark has taken over Dean a lot and the brothers have tried to get rid of it throughout the season. But in this episode my favorite thing was Dean turning young :D It was fun to watch young Dean even though I prefer the guys being adults :D The episode also made it clear how much Dean wants to get rid of the mark; he even considered staying young to make it disappear. I was surprised at how much I liked the character of Tina, she was quite funny and brave. She had to stay young but didn't seem to mind too much. I found it funny when Dean listed the downsides of puberty :p and I liked the end of the episode with Dean playing 'Shake it off' and Sam looking at him in horror :D

js: WHOA what a wonderful mindfuck of a movie. This was pretty freaking spectacular, the entire concept was ingenious and I loved how many dream levels were entered here. The story happened on so many different levels simultaneously yet it wasn't too hard to follow. There were some visually spectacular scenes, with the weeeeird dream architecture building, and the hotel without gravity! Cobb and Mal's story was pretty heartbreaking, and those characters had a lot of depth to them. I was actually very surprised that the movie didn't end with Cobb staying in the dream with Mal's projection, it was satisfying to see him move on. The other characters didn't get almost any character moments or depth but this was definitely a plot-centric movie anyway and the plot was so tight and captivating as it is that maybe it was the best this way. All in all this was pretty epic and easily in the best 10 movies I've watched, I'm so happy I found it this way :)

Parade's End
js (1 Episode One): Thematically or genrewise this is not to my usual taste (not a fan of period drama or things that revolve around relationship drama, unfaithfulness etc). But it was an alright watch, actually, I quite liked all of the characters, especially Tietjens himself but also Sylvia cause she's so terrible and that's pretty fun to watch. I don't have much to say about this episode, I did like it as a whole, especially the way Christopher met Valentine. The period-specific stuff about women's rights could be interesting, but depending on how it's handled it also easily could be preachy and I hope it doesn't get into that territory. Basically I just loved that the main character seemed pretty conservative and aristocratic but not a total jerk, which would have been an awful trope/caricature. I hope he won't be ~changed by the power of love~ or anything like that :p
thyla (1 Episode One): It was nice to see Benedict Cumberbatch in this, he's a great actor! This was a period piece, which I like watching. The plot didn't impress me much, I don't feel like watching it outside of this project. Sylvia was a completely awful character, I didn't like her at all! I was just laughing about how the men kept falling for her : D the character was well acted since she managed to annoy me so much which was probably the purpose. The episode focused too much on relationships and romance. I quite liked the characters of Tietjens and Wannop. Their relationship was beautiful. I really liked Tietjens' softer side and how he displayed it in relation to his (possible?) son, despite it being looked down on at the time. There were some good things in the show but it didn't really make an impact.

Feel free to snag any you like but please credit the correct maker. If someone wants to copy this idea for their own character voting project, we don't mind at all. If you would like to join our project instead, there's still room for more as long as you're easy to contact, have time for this, let me do the randomizing and are fine with iconing any fandoms and characters :>
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