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Random character project by jsfunction, shameless666 & thyla87 (set 5)

30 multifandom icons (10 by jsfunction, 10 by shameless666, 10 by thyla87)

Fandoms: Fringe, Game of Thrones, Captain America, Misfits,
The Vampire Diaries, The 100, Roseanne, Howl's Moving Castle, Casino Royale

Annnd the random character project continues, with shameless666 back in the team! we're now at post 5, I can't believe there have been that many already. Thanks everyone who has voted, commented or shown interest in this project, hope you'll like our icons and find at least one character to vote for. This round took a bit more time than usual, cause there have been so many interesting challenges and activities around and some of us wanted to participate in those (seriously, how awesomely has the iconing year started??). But this project is definitely still continuing, even if it might be with a slightly slower pace :) As always, you can find info on what this is, and our previous posts, in this tag.

The icons

Our characters for the 5th set were:

Moving on:

Olivia Dunham (Fringe)
Sansa Stark (Game of Thrones)
Steve Rogers (MCU)

New random characters:

Nathan Young (Misfits)
Damon Salvatore (The Vampire Diaries)
Clarke Griffin (The 100)
Roseanne Conner (Roseanne)
Peter Bishop (Fringe)
Howl Pendragon (Howl's Moving Castle)
James Bond (Casino Royale)

Maker Olivia Sansa Steve Nathan Damon

Maker Clarke Roseanne Peter Howl Bond

The poll

Which characters would you like to see in the next set? You can vote for as many as you like, but only 3 will move on (unless there are ties). The voting will last for 3 days, it is open until Sunday 14.2. 20:00 UTC. Please note that you're voting for characters, NOT icons, so you're just voting for characters you like, and not characters whose icons you liked the most!

Poll #2036505 character poll 5
This poll is closed.

Which characters would you like to see in the next set?

Olivia Dunham
Sansa Stark
Steve Rogers
Nathan Young
Damon Salvatore
Clarke Griffin
Roseanne Conner
Peter Bishop
Howl Pendragon
James Bond

Episode discussion

We also watched one episode of each of the shows these characters are from; if anyone is interested in our opinions or discussing the episodes/shows, you can read our thoughts behind the spoiler cut, and tell us your own thoughts in the comments - we'd love to discuss these fandoms :) This was just a bit of extra fun though, and we didn't have to icon that specific episode. shameless666 is not doing this part and thyla87 couldn't watch as many as she would have liked, and I skipped GoT as always, so there aren't that many episode opinions this time.

[Episode thoughts]Fringe
js (1.07 In Which We Meet Mr. Jones): What a suspenseful episode! I didn't see the twist at the end coming at all. Some really interesting stuff happened here, I feel like we'll hear more oh this mysterious Mr Jones in future. Loved seeing more of this crazy 'reading dead people's brain' science. All the relationship stuff between Olivia and his ex was boring and unnecessary, but hopefully it will have some plot relevance at some point? Also way too many gross shots at the heart parasite, ewwwww, Fringe really is a bit too gory for me sometimes but of course the awesomeness of almost everything else makes up for it.
js (1.08 The Equation): Since there were two Fringe characters, I watched two eps! And this one was yet another super captivating mystery. I love how engaging and imaginative all of these episodes are. My favorite thing was Walter's parts, especially him having to revisit the institution, and the way he decided to do it even though he really didn't want to. It was cool to see Loeb again, I like how a lot of the episodes tie into each other.
thyla (1.03 The Ghost Network): In this episode I really like the part where the man spied on Peter. It would be interesting to find out more about Peter’s past and his secret. Peter’s piano skills came as a surprise and it was nice to see more of Peter’s past when they went to his old house. I still really like Walter, he is my favorite character :D He is such a crazy scientist from whom I can expect something like ‘Do I need to keep him alive’ ;D We also saw Nina’s laboratory again. And the end of the episode was surprising cause we saw that there is some connection between her and Broyles.

js (Captain America: The Winter Soldier): This was one of my favorite MCU things this far. There was a lot of action stuff, but also some real emotional impact. I can kiiiiinda see why Stucky is so popular, this movie was perfect fodder for some angsty shipping ;__;, which is my favorite kind. And well there was some other cool stuff too, I'm really starting to love Natalie's character (especially all the snark) and even though watching these sort of out of order leaves me somewhat confused about the overall arc of all of MCU together, I still understood that we got some really relevant revelations about S.H.I.E.L.D and HYDRA. Winter Soldier was a great movie and had me on the edge of my seat the whole time, and even managed to move me. I still loved The Avengers and GotG even more, but this one was pretty damn amazing too.

js (1.03 Episode Three): Oh boy. I love Misfits in all its ridiculous glory, but this episode was a mess and pretty damn uncomfortable to watch, I mean, Alisha is an actual rapist now, there's no way around it, and Curtis is somehow ok with this and willing to start a relationship with her?? I did like seeing her at least feeling that her 'superpower' actually sucks, but even that was more focused on her than her recognizing her victims feelings and idk, I want to like her but not like this :/ loved everything else though, especially the 'oh shit' moment when Sally found the dead bodies, and how that was reversed. Curtis has the coolest superpower hands down, though Simon's is pretty great too. Everything about Kelly's scenes was perfection, lmao what baldness superpower??
thyla (1.02 Episode Two): I got a little more interested during episode 2. We got to know the characters a bit more and the mystery deepens a bit. Nathan got more depth and we found out the reason why he acts like that. Nathan’s attitude towards Ruth at first after learning the truth was typical to his behavior, but in the end I was more surprised by the change we saw in him.  He forgave Ruth and her mother and started to like Luke a little. Nathan got more sympathetic. I was a little surprised that Simon had put their vid on the Internet. The threats in the characters’ lockers brought some more suspence. The show seems a bit crazy, which I’ve liked more lately!

The Vampire Diaries
js (1.03 Friday Night Bites): Yeah I kinda feel like this is the most cliche, high school trope-filled teen vampire show ever, and definitely not something I'd watch outside of this project. Do I sense a love triangle coming? Cause that would just make it even more lulzy :p but hey, I kinda like it for what it is, pure teen drama. I did lol at how badly Stefan's attempts to change Damon backfired, that would have just been too easy. The dinner Elena hosted was probably my favorite scene, so much stuff going on there under the surface!

The 100:
js (1.01 Pilot): I'm like the only person who hasn't watched The 100 yet. I was actually pleasantly surprised cause I didn't know it was scifi! The episode was definitely a captivating start, I was glued to my screen tbh, loved the concept and the characters, especially Clarke and Octavia, I feel like Clarke's responsibility and Octavia's wildness would make them a pretty interesting dynamic duo, but it's too early to tell if they'll have any significant interaction or not. I wasn't quite as into any of the male characters, and thyla87's love for Murphy makes me side eye her a bit tbh because based on this episode alone he seems like such an ass?? :D but hey we'll see... I wouldn't mind watching the rest of this at some point, if I can find the time, it sure was a great start to a series!
thyla (3.01 Wanheda: Part One): It was really nice that this show came back! I had been waiting for it. I really like Murphy, who was nicely present in this episode. He didn’t seem like a major character in the beginning, but has gotten more screentime. I look forward to what the writers come up with for him in this season! I liked the scene where he was locked into a bunker and he had to spend 3 months there. I would have liked to see more of what he did there during that time :D I like Murphy’s craziness and directness. I liked a lot what had happened to Clarke during these 3 months. She was on the run. The Wanheda myth was interesting and I always like when different religions are portrayed. Different folks believe that Clarke is Wanheda, which gives her more personality. I liked the one night stand between Clarke and the woman who helped her. All in all the 3rd season started very promising and I look forward to the rest!

js (1.01 Life and Stuff): Well this was something different, which is always refresing. Honestly I had never even heard of Roseanne before, and it turned out to be a fairly old show. I'm clearly not in the target audience for something like this, since I'm not family-centric at all and not interested in family dynamics in the slightest (give me all the dating drama before boring established relationships, especially with kids, ugh!), but at the same time, this episode wasn't too bad? It was kinda funny tbh. Roseanne herself was somewhere between obnoxiously annoying and pretty awesome, so idk... not something I'll put on my to watch list, but I definitely did't mind having something so unexpected get randomized once!
thyla (1.01 Life and Stuff): Lol, this was easy-going fun :D Not really something I would have watched without this project, or even heard of :D I don’t mind laugh tracks but in some places I thought it was too much. I wasn’t really feeling the plot, it was quite basic family life. I did like the relationship between Roseanne and Dan. They could argue without breaking up for real. And I found Roseanne’s attitudes towards her children funny; it was 'typical, not special' :D

Howl's Moving Castle
js: I adore every single one of the Studio Ghibli movies I've seen so far. They're just so imaginative, and Howl's Moving Castle was no exception! I was very much fascinated by the magical atmosphere, the unexpected plot and Howl's complex character. I especially adored how vain he was, lol. But Sophie was great too and the whole aging curse was pretty awesome. The war setting was definitely something I didn't see coming, it added a layer of seriousness to all the escapism, but I didn't mind, it was an interesting part of the plot. It was fascinating to see Howl balance between the 'monster' form and the pretty human form. I basically loved everything about this film, perfect mix of childlike imagination and fascinating depth, and definitely recommend to anyone who for some reason hasn't seen it yet!

Casino Royale
js: Yeaaahh James Bond films are definitely not for me, haha, and I'm very sorry Bond for what I did to you in my icon :') I mean, there were SO MANY chasing scenes, shootings, and so much action. And Bond himself was a bit of an ass tbh :p but funny too. I probably would have enjoyed the plot a lot more if I knew a single thing about casino games, but I don't, so a lot of the loong poker scenes went right over my head :p I did like Vesper though! Especially the way she was actually playing Bond all along, and that their relationship was never real, didn't see that coming at all, nor her death. Those character and relationship aspects were pretty good tbh, but still, Bonds are the ultimate action films and you've probably gathered already that it's not even close to my favorite genre, so yeah...

Feel free to snag any you like but please credit the correct maker. If someone wants to copy this idea for their own character voting project, we don't mind at all. If you would like to join our project instead, there's still room for more as long as you're easy to contact, have time for this, let me do the randomizing and are fine with iconing any fandoms and characters :>
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