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Random character project by jsfunction and thyla87

20 multifandom icons (10 by jsfunction, 10 by thyla87)

Fandoms: Banshee, Free!, Hannibal, LOST, Once Upon a Time,
Person of Interest, Sons of Anarchy, Teen Wolf, The Borgias, The Lord of the Rings

Okay, so this is something fun that me and thyla87 came up with: we're gonna make icons of 10 characters for each set. First we randomized 10 characters (we won't bore you with the details of how we randomized them but if you wanna know, ask - please ask in fact. I love rambling about algorithms!) and now you get to choose which of them you'd like us to continue iconing. The 3 that get the most votes will move on to the next set, and the other 7 characters will be randomized again. In case of ties, more than 3 could make it to the next set, we don't want to bother the watchers with tiebreakers :p We agreed that the icons can also have other characters visible.
We're not sure how many sets we're gonna make like this (10 would be really cool tho cause that would mean 100 icons by each maker!), or what the posting schedule is, we're just doing this for fun for as long as we're inspired by this project, which we currently are so the next set might happen pretty soon :) I'm just super glad to have some iconing mojo again, it's been a while! There's an icon dump of other earlier made icons coming too at some point soonish but I'm just too eager to start this project so here we go.

The icons

Our random characters for the first set were:

  • James 'Sawyer' Ford (LOST)

  • Emma Swan (Once Upon a Time)

  • Stiles Stilinski (Teen Wolf)

  • Cesare Borgia (The Borgias)

  • Nanase Haruka (Free!)

  • Aragorn (Lord of the Rings)

  • Jax Teller (Sons of Anarchy)

  • John Reese (Person of Interest)

  • Will Graham (Hannibal)

  • 'Lucas Hood' (Banshee)

Maker Sawyer Emma Stiles Cesare Haruka
Maker Aragorn Jax Reese Will Lucas

The poll

Which characters would you like to see in the next set? You can vote for as many as you like, but only 3 will move on (unless there are ties). The voting will last for 3 days, it is open until saturday 21.11. 22:00 UTC. Please note that you're voting for characters, NOT icons, so you're just voting for characters you like, and not characters whose icons you liked the most!

Poll #2028305 character poll 1
This poll is closed.

Which characters would you like to see in the next set?

James 'Sawyer' Ford
Emma Swan
Stiles Stilinski
Cesare Borgia
Nanase Haruka
Jax Teller
John Reese
Will Graham
Lucas Hood

Episode discussion

We also watched one episode of each of the shows these characters are from; if anyone is interested in our opinions or discussing the episodes/shows, you can read our thoughts behind the spoiler cut, and tell us your own thoughts in the comments - we'd love to discuss these fandoms :) This was just a bit of extra fun though, and we didn't have to icon that specific episode.

[episode thoughts; this is long, and vaguely spoilery about OUAT 5x08]LOST
js (3.17 Catch-22): This is my favorite show and I loved this episode. it had a very lost-like mysterious plot and atmosphere. Loved the stuff with Desmond and the flashes, and I loved his struggle between wanting to see Penny and wanting to save Charlie, and I like the selfish side that this episode explored but of course love that he ultimately made the right decision. My favorite scene was probably Desmond in the convent, without a sense of purpose and not believing life has anything for him; that really resonated with me emotionally. Other highlights include Des and Penny first meeting (yay!!), Desmond saving Charlie (I got chills when the conversation from the vision started to happen), and basically everything about Desmond. What I liked less was the lack of Ben scenes and the B plot with the stupid quadrangle drama was sooo unnecessary, but overall a really strong episode!
thyla (3.19 The Brig): Lost never became a favorite of mine even though I watched two seasons of it. Even though I watch some scifi I didn't understand some things in this show, and there were more characters I didn't like than ones that I liked. Then again i did like some minor characters! I like that Lost has quite a dark mood, and the idea of a group stranded on an island is a good one. I just got bored during s2. Now I randomly watched 3.19 and quite liked it actually. The mood was dark and twisted. I've seen some scenes between Ben&Locke before and they seem like a good non-canon ship, that would probably be a plus if I started to watch the show again. The connection between Sawyer and Locke's dad was interesting and I liked Locke manipulating Sawyer into killing his father. Also, Jack had become less trusted which was a surprise, at least in the beginning of the show he was a typical hero. So all in all the show had its good sides and bad sides, I found more of the bad ones in the beginning of the show, but based on this one s3 seems more interesting than s2 and I even got curious to see how Ben and Locke meet again and what would happen in the next episode.

Once Upon a Time
js (5.08 Birth): I love OUAT too but not as much as LOST. I HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS ABOUT THIS EP but all my thoughts are very spoilery. Basically I loved some of the plot twists and the drama and the emotional scenes. What I don't like is how this is suddenly the Hook show and everything is about him, ugh. But I looooved the selfish thing Emma did in this episode. it was freaking awesome and showed a side of her I hadn't seen before and it was really interesting even if it was largely influenced by the darkness. Also, the SQ well scene!!! Loved it despite the problematic use of dagger. I'm really hoping someone will want to discuss OUAT s5 with me?? (I also watched 5.09 ofc but it was a lot less interesting and didn't have our character.)
thyla (1.01 Pilot): I find the idea of this show interesting and it's a popular show, but for some reason it's not really my thing. I didn't love the characters, except for Rumple.

Teen Wolf
js (5.01 Teen Wolf): I decided to rewatch s5a before 5b airs, because unlike the previous season this one was a bit... distant to me. It didn't really click with me somehow even though cyberpunk and mixing science and fantasy elements sounds like a super cool concept. I think what bothered me was the heavy focus on characters I don't care about: the new ones like Donovan and Theo, and out of the old ones the super boring Parrish got waaayyy too much screentime and my fave Lydia's screentime revolved too much around him. Just give her a good story, that hasn't happened since like s3. .__. But all that aside, this ep was still pretty strong, I loved Stiles' determination to hold onto his highschool friends and the scribe scene, especially 'A.A', was so touching.
thyla (2.04 Abomination): I love this show, mostly s1-2 for the humour, and for the Sterek. I love the characters and how they develop during the show. The Jackson plot developed in an interesting way in this episode, and the Sterek pool scene was cute :D

The Borgias
js (1.01 The Poisoned Chalice+1.02 The Assassin): I don't watch a lot of period dramas cause I find the genre a little too serious and dry and often way too violent for me. However I really enjoyed The Borgias! These episodes were super captivating and I liked the scheming pope and Cesare seemed like a really complex and interesting character as well. The plot was fascinating, loved how everyone had their own goals and did interesting stuff to achieve them. There was maybe a bit too much violence for me but for the most part I loved these eps.
thyla (1.01 The Poisoned Chalice): This seemed like an interesting series, I liked the characters and I like period dramas. I liked the twisted sibling relationship, and I also liked the assassin. The other characters seemed interesting as well, and I liked the atmosphere of the episode. I could watch more of this.

js (1.01 Starting Block of Reunions!): I've only watched two anime shows before, so it's not what I'm typically into, but ofc every anime is different and I quite liked this first episode. It was a lot of fun, and I liked the grumpy Haruka a lot, and his relationship and past with Rin was interesting. I could see myself watching this but it was freaking difficult to icon I'M NOT AN ANIMATION ICONER OK I never know what to do with the caps that are already super colorful and pretty :o
thyla (1.01 Starting Block of Reunions!): Ok, I think, based on this only anime I've seen, that it's probably not my thing. It felt a little silly to me, but I did like the focus on the characters.

Lord of the Rings
We didn't watch any of the movies because they're very long and we've seen them already, but feel free to discuss them too!

Sons of Anarchy
js (1.01 Pilot): Well it's a show about tough guys doing tough guy stuff, so not really my thing at all lol. I get how people could like this, it seems like a well made show and everything but for me this was a bit too much violence and fighting and guns and explosions, and none of the protagonists seemed sympathetic with the possible exception of Jax. I felt really bad for him due to the situation with his kid, however even though I usually like tragedy, that particular plot was way too heavy and anxiety-inducing for me and was very difficult to watch. I liked Gemma, her scene with Wendy was the best part of the episode. This was an interesting one-time watch but now give me something nice and sweet and soft with less guns and more escapism kthx :D
thyla (1.01 Pilot): This is one of my favorite shows, I love the plot and the idea of the show. I like the themes of brotherhood and how important family is to them. I preferred to first few seasons over the later ones, where the familycentricness seems to have faded a little. Starting from the first episode, the show felt really promising, and I liked the feel of the show. I love all the characters except for Jax and Tara, so I was disappointed to get Jax as the character to icon.

Person of Interest
js (2.01 The Contingency): I quite like PoI, I've seen s1 so this was a good reason to start s2. I'm already a fan of Root, and Finch remains my fave. Reese, not so much, but I do love how much he cares for Finch and how desperate he is to find him. My favorite parts were the flashbacks to the development of the machine. Yesss give me all the software development and testing backstory :> my least favorite part of PoI is always the actual crime stuff, I just find it difficult to care about these characters of the week, I'd like a more continuous longer plot but it does seems like the show is maybe headed to that direction with this Root stuff, which is promising. All in all, quite an enjoyable ep and I loved Reese's final speech to the Machine!
thyla (1.01 Pilot): This seemed like an interesting and different crime show. I like the main characters and the idea of the show.

js: This show is way too disturbing for me to watch OR EVEN THINK ABOUT so I stayed far away from it! :p sorry...
thyla (1.01 Apéritif): I still haven't watched s3 but I wanted to go back to the first episode. I liked the show and the episode a lot. Hannibal is wonderfully twisted and mysterious, I just love him. Will is also a dark character and I found his psychological issues interesting. I loved the slow pacing of the episode and the progression of both the investigation and the character relationships.

js (1.01 Pilot): New show for me, usual crime show stuff like shootings and fights, not my thing tbh. I particularly didn't like the main character, I'm so over these generic gritty action antiheroes that seem to be everywhere now. I did like a few of the other characters like the super charismatic Job but overall this was way too action-y for me with little focus on emotional stuff or the atmosphere.
thyla (1.01 Pilot): I started with the first episode since I hadn't seen the show before. The episode wasn't as addictive as most of these, but I loved the characters of Sugar and Job. The main character Lucas was a bit of a stereotypical hero, even though he had his dark side. I didn't like the romance either but the idea of a criminal posing as a sheriff was quite good.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on our icons and these characters/shows/episodes! :) Feel free to snag any you like but please credit the correct maker. If someone wants to copy this idea for their own character voting project, we don't mind at all. If you would like to join our project instead, I think that could be arranged as long as you're easy to contact, have time for this, let me do the randomizing (seriously I'm in love with my algorithm and I don't want to change it!) and are fine with iconing any fandoms and characters :>
Tags: !maker: jsfunction, anime: free, movie: the lord of the rings, random character project, tv: banshee, tv: hannibal, tv: lost, tv: once upon a time, tv: person of interest, tv: sons of anarchy, tv: teen wolf, tv: the borgias

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