Bizarra (bizarra) wrote in froonium_icons,

Fourcornersland Big Bang Bingo 3

These are my entries for the Big Bang Bingo 3 Bunches of Farscape graphics under the cut.

5 icons, same image
 photo same image1.png  photo same image2.png  photo same image3.png  photo same image4.png  photo same image5.png

Black and White

Vivid Coloring

So I did this and in my mind, Tim Gunn's response was, "really?!" and Michael Westmore just shook his head and walked away... so I made another one.

A much better one. LOL

Crossover was changed to Negative Space

Wildcard (A Claudia picspam)

Favorite Picspam.(I did a picspam of my favorite screencaps)


Secondary Character (Pilot!)


Tags: !maker: bizarra, character: aeryn sun, tv: farscape, type: landcomm challenge, type: picspam, type: wallpapers

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