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Icon dump - multifandom, 81 icons + 14 alts

So most of these are actually pretty old since they were made for the 7th round of turbo_rumble and the 1st round of farscapelims (where I got the third place btw! Yay! :D).

Fandoms included:

BTVS (23 + 3 alts)
Farscape (26 + 6 alts)
Game of Thrones (12 + 1 alt)
StarGate SG1 (4 + 2 alts)
Lost (6 + 1 alt?)
BattleStar Galactica (3 + 1 alt)
Prison Break (1)
The Big Bang Theory (1)
The Fiftfh Element (1)
The Vampire Diaries (1)
Supernatural (1)
Lady GaGa (1)
~Dollhouse (1)

* Take any you want, credit if you want to
* I have huge appreciation for each and every comment :)
* Concrit is welcome
* Resources
* Hotlinking = noooooo

I tried to really read the concrits I got and make new versions based on them, unless I really disagreed with the feedback. At turbo_rumble I got a lot of awesome feedback that helped me improve the icons. At farscapelims I didn't really get a lot of negative votes and the ones I did get I usually didn't agree with, so I decided to make improvements mostly just based on my own opinions. Sometimes it's just something very subtle like sharpening or slightly changing the colors so no, I didn't accidentally put the same icons here twice :) Also this post contains all the various alts I had for these comms, since I stress about this sort of things so much that I usually end up making 2-5 candidates for each theme/challenge!

The theme of the rumble was old days icons and of course I took it waaaay too literally and made some of my icons look really really dated, like they were literally made in 2006-2009. UGH. I hate especially 6 and 9 with fiery, fiery passion. I like the remade versions a lot better though, they just wouldn't have really fit the challenges :p gah, I'm kinda embarrassed about this but hey everyone is stupid sometimes right ;D and some of the more modern ones actually did pretty well so overall a positive experience!

And since this is an icon dump, I dumped a lot of other icons here too, especially ones made for whedon_elite (some are really old, I've forgotten to post them anywhere o.O), the two icon battles at icon_talk, various flash comms and some random things made for no particular reason.

Also, I participated in the icon_talk Ask The Maker thingy, so if there's any tutorial or general questions you'd like then go there. (Farscape friends: yes I know I have all of those promised tutorials from earlier but this time I know I must really take the time to make them cause it's a more public embarrassment this time if I don't so yeah this will work ok! :D if you want you can even go there with the same icons you requested then, or something newer that might be better?)

Ask The Maker || My Thread

First, the turbo_rumble icons:

Main set:
(Buffy x4, Farscape)
(GoT x2, StarGate sg1 x2, Lost)

New versions:



(BSG, Buffy, Got x 3)
(Prison break, StarGate sg1, The Big Bang Theory, Farscape)

and farscapelims: (all Farscape, naturally :) )

The ones I submitted:

New versions:



Icon_talk two battles:

1) Buffy the Vampire Slayer

2) Game of Thrones

Random icons for other comms/no comm at all:

(Farscape x3, Star Trek, StarGate)
(Lost, The Fiftf Element, The Vampire Diaries, GoT, Lady GaGa)
(Supernatural, Buffy x 4)  
(All Buffy from now on except also Dollhouse in 80)

Tags: !maker: jsfunction, celebrity: lady gaga, movie: the fifth element, tv: battlestar galactica, tv: buffy the vampire slayer, tv: dollhouse, tv: farscape, tv: game of thrones, tv: lost, tv: prison break, tv: stargate sg1, tv: supernatural, tv: the big bang theory, tv: the vampire diaries, type: icons

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