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cyo_tvshow: Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar


This television adaptation of the classic radio series, takes Johnny Dollar, freelance Insurance Investigator from Hartford, Connecticut to the visual airwaves. Set in the 50's, this noir style crime drama follows Johnny Dollar as he investigates insurance claims to make sure those claims are legitimately paid out. Each episode is told in flashback form as Johnny fills out his expense account to send to the home office.


 photo Ben as Johnny Dollar.png
Ben Browder as Johnny Dollar

Johnny Dollar is a hard boiled, quick witted, investigator, who will get to the bottom of any case no matter how much trouble it gets him into. And it can get him into quite a lot of trouble. He keeps thorough notes on his investigations through his expense accounts, for which he is quite famous.

 photo billy as pat mckracken.png
William Petersen as Pat McCracken

Pat McCracken is a former insurance investigator himself, who now works as an agent who acts as a go between for insurance agencies and the freelance investigators who work to make sure the claims are not fraudulent. He's developed a friendship with Johnny Dollar and acts as his sounding board and mentor.


The Amy Bradshaw Matter:
Pat McCracken sends Johnny to New York for the Penn Mutual Life Insurance Co to protect an actress who is receiving death threats. He suspects the person or persons who are out to get her are right under her nose. He gets closer to Amy Bradshaw than he intended and when the culprit is unmasked, it is a surprise to everyone.
Guest starring: Claudia Black as Amy Bradshaw

The Maggie Mouse Matter:
The National Indemnity Bond and Property Insurance Company asks Johnny to jet out to Hollywood to protect a cartoon mouse named Maggie from a rival studio. Maggie's creator Anna Sidney was threatened by a former partner who now works for the rival studio and claims the character is his. What follows is mystery, mayhem and murder...with a side of cheese.
Guest starring: Francesca Buller as Anna Sidney

The Emerald City Matter:
Johnny is sent to Seattle to by North American Holdings to guard a rare large Emerald on it's way to an exhibition of fine jewels. When he arrives at the planned meeting place, he finds the man in possession of the precious stone murdered and the emerald missing. It's Johnny's job to find it, and the killer before the exhibition hall opens.

Season 4 Finale
The Barbary Coast Affair:
When Johnny's agent and mentor Pat gets a call from his past, he goes off to San Francisco to help her. Johnny gets worried when he suddenly stops hearing from his friend and follows to do what he can to help. He finds Pat deeply involved in a mystery involving murder, insurance fraud and gold.
Guest Starring: Marg Helgenberger as 'Red'

Season 5 Opener
The Shanghai Matter:
Johnny finds himself prisoner on a ship bound for he knows not where. His friend is missing and the mystery has deepened. And now, he's in danger. After not hearing from him for a while, Johnny's poker buddies join forces to find him, Pat, and solve the case.
Guest starring: Nathan Fillian as Richard Diamond, Karl Urban as Sam Spade, and Scott Cohen as Philip Marlowe

Sam Spade was created by Dashiell Hammett, Philip Marlowe was created by Raymond Chandler, Richard Diamond was created by Blake Edwards, Johnny Dollar and Pat McCracken were created by Jack Johnstone

Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar aired on CBS radio from 1949 to 1962

So you too can get as obsessed with Yours Truly,Johnny Dollar as I am. Here is a link to stream/download episodes. (there are 711 still available!)

A fanmix cover is coming, give me a couple days. :)
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