Bizarra (bizarra) wrote in froonium_icons,

20 Aeryn icons for inspired20in20

For this round we were to choose 10 screencaps and do two icons per, both different. Hopefully mine are OK... it's not the best set I've done, I don't think. I need to go through some tutorials and try to play around with more ways to do things. :)

 photo img22png.png  photo img71.png  photo img101.png

 photo img11.png  photo img21.png  photo img31.png  photo img41.png  photo img51.png
 photo img12.png  photo img22png.png  photo img32.png  photo img42.png  photo img52.png

 photo img61.png  photo img71.png  photo img81.png  photo img91.png  photo img101.png
 photo img62.png  photo img72.png  photo img82.png  photo img92.png  photo img102.png

Comments and constructive crit are welcome
comment if taking
Please don't post anywhere without my permission
Tags: !maker: bizarra, character: aeryn sun, type: icons

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