Bizarra (bizarra) wrote in froonium_icons,

20 Grissom icons for inspired20in20

I clearly work better when I have actual prompts, but, I think these turned out OK. The overall theme was lights, so I tried... LOL

 photo 1.png  photo 9.png  photo 14.png

 photo 1.png  photo 2.png  photo 3.png  photo 4.png  photo 5.png
 photo 6.png  photo 7.png  photo 8.png  photo 9.png  photo 10.png
 photo 11.png  photo 12.png  photo 13.png  photo 14.png  photo 15.png
 photo 16.png  photo 17.png  photo 18.png  photo 19.png  photo 20.png

Comments and helpful tips are always welcome. Credit if taken. Please no posting anywhere else without my permission.
Tags: !maker: bizarra, character: gil grissom, type: icons

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