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22 multifandom icons + 'progression' post

[14] Farscape
[2] Once Upon a Time
[1+1alt] LOST
[1 each] Fringe, Teen Wolf, I Am Number Four, Harry Potter

The last small icon dump of the year. This isn't much but I really want to get all my 2014 icons posted during this year.
This posts consists of the gifts I made for the wonderous_stuff activity, a reaaalllly old (made in March...) tmf remake activity that I just noticed hadn't been included in any of my icon dumps which bugs me so I HAVE to post them here even though it's ridiculous :p, and a few random icons of Farscape I made for no particular reason in October.



OUAT x2, LOST x2
Fringe, Teen Wolf, I Am Number Four, Harry Potter

And well, here's something that's trying to be a progression post but lbr neither my skills nor my style progressed at all. So this is more like just a selection of a few fave icons from each month.

[progression post]

I started the year with this inspired20in20 set. I was trying to set a style for this year with the second half of this set, but I'm not sure I followed it at all. But that Ben icon is one of my faves I made this year, even though it's super muted compared to my usual style. but I love the text. I also made some icons for the bestof_icons remake activity. Most of them were worse than the originals. I made a set for the7days too but it was really ugly except for that one icon I picked here :p


I made some Hannibal icons for a missingfaction activity. I also started iconing Lost for watchnicon, but I'll include those as March icons so there's not much else for february.


I finished this batch for watchnicon. I loved that challenge, and had a lot of fun making them, I honestly really love this set even though it has some really bad icons too.
I entered the7days thrice that month which must be a record for me, and I was really happy with those icons too. March was a great icon month for me, I had so much fun with composition and text. Oh and I also made those tmf icons found in this post.


I made a Ben set for character20n20, and loved making it. I'm really happy with basically all of the Ben icons, but the icons I made for myt watchnicon lost project in April were mostly boring and/or bad. I like the ones I picked here but otherwise I really struggled with those icons, probably cause I was trying to icon so fast yet was also trying to do all sorts of complex icons in a minimum amount of time and with minimum inspiration (for these pre-Ben episodes...), so the results look really forced and awful. which they are. so. once again I should have remembered, quality over quantity :p


I didn't icon almost at all in May. I did enter the7days again as well as a tmf acitvity and each set mostly had icons i really like, probably because I focused on smaller challenges this month and really took my time with the icons.


I still didn't have a lot of inspiration for watchnicon (still just trying to get to the Ben parts), BUT I got lucky and somehow managed to make a few really nice icons, I really like the style I used for the text/composition in the Jack icon.

In June there was this super cool round at 20inspirations, where we had to do unusual/crazy icons. I tried all kinds of stuff that I wanted to practise. There are some real messes in that set and wow that set was SO MUCH WORK I remember almost running out of time, but I'm proud of the end result, even though it's really not as ~creative as it could have been, there are elements in it that look just like my regular stuff, but I really tried my best and i even iconned something other than lost for a big set, so yay? :p
Text was my favorite thing this month.


I made lots of icons for watchnicon but again the same problems, was iconing too fast, so many of my July icons look rushed and fugly .__. I had almost no inspiration for composition this month (after doing so much with that last month) so I focused on colorings, mostly extra bright ones with some vintagey/pastelly ones in the mix. I like the examples I chose here a lot, and I think it's good that there are some months when I focused on simpler icons, but overall this was not a great icon month for me. At the end of July I reached the Ben parts of my watchnicon project so that gave me a lot of new inspiration and I like the Ben icons I made. I played around with text hoping to do something creative with it. it's a bit unreadable in these icons but I really like it!


In August I focused on this Sherlock battle. I'm not sure I made any other icons?? I can't seem to find any on my computer, but well I think I was busy at work. The battle was good, I liked the compositions I used in these and I had a lot of fun with text too, especially the first example here, I'm honestly so proud of that icon! That being said, i think the colorings in a lot of the icons in that set were really dull. Sherlock is sooo bad for coloring the way I like to color, lol.


In September I focused entirely on the LOST battle. I'm really happy with the icons I made for it! I was just so inspired, and it was such a huge, awesome battle that I really put a lot of time and effort into every icon. I gotta admit I played it quite safe with most of these icons, i just used all my favorite/most overused techniques like pastelly coloring, monochromes, favorite fonts etc, so it really wasn't the most experimental month for me. But they still look good to me so idk if that's a bad thing. maybe next year I'll be more adventurous...


ehh, this month was bad. the ones I picked are semi ok if a little uninspired. But really I made such hideous icons this month it was like I just couldn't connect to the part of my brain that has any inspiration, skill or creativity .__. iconing felt like a chore so the icons are really nothing special. the simple icons like these turned ok but the complex compositions I tried making didn't work at all. But well, this month I was in a terrible mood the entire time so it's no wonder that I wasn't really feeling iconing either.


I entered the 20in20 special round at watchicon and I was very motivated again and it shows, those icons are much nicer imo than the ones I made in October. I like the compositions and colorings and Bens :3


I had a lot going on irl so i didn't get to icon very much, except for the gifts I made for the lovely people at the wonderous_stuff gift battle thing. I tried my best and I like all of them myself BUT I'm always super anxious about having to icon for other people cause I'm already super critical towards myself so knowing I'm trying to make someone else like the icons too triples the pressure, lol.
Also, I've been making a set for mmcbattle but it's not finished and not posted yet so I can't post those here...

All in all, 2014 was an ok year for me but I feel like I still haven't been able to top the icons I made during the first half of 2013, so every icon has been a little disappointing ever since :/ this year I made a lot of icons I'm really happy with, but not even one that would have made me SUPER excited about having just made that icon. I want to feel like that so I know I gotta find a way to add that something extra, instead of always doing the same things. But there are things I really like in my 2014 icons, so it wasn't all bad; I like how much I used text (I tried to make half of my icons with text; I didn't quite reach that but I made enough to keep myself from getting rusty with it, and I got more confident with it, even though it still takes an awful lot of time for me), annd I like that my icons seem to have gotten a bit more vibrant and contrasted during this year. But there's a lot of room for progress so hopefully next year I'll make some :p

Happy new year to all our lovely watchers!!!
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