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gigantic icon dump: 124 icons (mostly LOST)

[93] LOST
[16] Sherlock BBC
[3] Doctor Who
[3] Supernatural
[2] Battlestar Galactica
[2] Teen Wolf
[1 each] The Vampire Diaries, The Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones, Once Upon a Time, Angel

I realized I hadn't posted in ages, and that this year is over soon, so now would be a good time to get rid of all the unposted icons in one huge dump. This is everything I've made in half a year, so even though this post is big I still can't say I've been a very active icon maker lately... This may or may nor be the last post of the year for me, maybe I'll do another post around new year but not sure yet!

1. watchnicon

The three icons I've managed to make of my other claim, DW... (2x02)


And these are the icons from my primary claim, LOST, episodes 2x06-3x05, three icons per episode. 2x23-3x05 were part of a 20in20 special round, which is why they're posted differently; hover for the episode for those.


All Glow Emotions Blue Hue Natural Bold
Geometric framing Bright grunge Complementary
Crazy Dramatic black

CATEGORY - Mostly monochrome + background text
Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4 Category 5


2. LOST character battle

In this awesome battle at icontalking, we voted for our favorite Lost characters and made one icon of each character in the top 20. You can see the other results here and here. (TO THIS DAY I'M STILL WONDERING WHY BEN ONLY PLACED 8TH. whyyy. but hey he still beat the main character! :D)


3. Sherlock battle

This was a fun BBC Sherlock battle with thyla87, fouroux and tiptoetwirl. Hover for theme/click for the cap, and go here to see the gorgeous results by the others.


4. Misc

These were made for tmfaction (this activity), and iconsomething.

Supernatural x3, BSG x2
Teen Wolf x2, The Vampire Diaries, LOST, The Big Bang Theory
Game of Thrones, OUAT, Angel

...and one more thing, thanks so much for these wonderous_stuff icon appreciation month thingies :3

(all three of these baffle me equally much, lol. I just.. what. o.O but I really needed something to cheer me up so this was perfect timing. ♥)

* Comments are always very much appreciated, no matter how short!
* LOST squee and discussion is also always wonderful. I can't be the only one still obsessed with this show?
* Take any you want, crediting is optional
* Don't hotlink
Watch the comm :)
Tags: !maker: jsfunction, tv: angel, tv: battlestar galactica, tv: doctor who, tv: game of thrones, tv: lost, tv: once upon a time, tv: sherlock, tv: supernatural, tv: teen wolf, tv: the big bang theory, tv: the vampire diaries, type: icons
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