Bizarra (bizarra) wrote in froonium_icons,

Womenverse: Picture Prompts

For this challenge we were given 5 random stock images and were to make things with them. :)

These are my things, first image in set will always be from the prompt photo.

Tango Feet: 3 sigtags for erinm_4600
 photo tango1.jpg  photo tango2.jpg  photo tango3.jpg

Wintry woods: 3 headers
 photo snowyheader.jpg
 photo snowyheader2.jpg
 photo snowyheader3.jpg

Animals with face in camera: 3 sigtags for me
 photo animal1.jpg  photo animal2.jpg  photo animal3.jpg

Woman reading: 3 Bookmarks
 photo bookmark1.jpg  photo bookmark2.jpg  photo bookmark3.jpg

Seaside scene (Half Moon Bay, Ca how I miss you...): 4 sigtags for me
 photo sea1.jpg  photo sea2.jpg  photo sea3.jpg
 photo sea4.jpg

All images found via Google, except the 2nd image of the seaside was taken by me at the Cliff House restaurant overlook in San Francisco.
Tags: !maker: bizarra, stock: misc, stock: sharks, type: banners, type: landcomm challenge
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