Bizarra (bizarra) wrote in froonium_icons,

June Mini-Bingo for One Million Words

Here is the card I used:
 photo colormini-mine_zps67706c47.png

And below the cut are my fills. :)

1. Rose Colored Glasses

2. Rainbow

The Manip was not made by me. It was a christmas gift a few years ago from lj user kleineim, the wallpaper here however is by me.

3. Utter Blackness

I made the larger planet myself from scratch. :) Needs improvement, but not bad for a first try!
4. Green-Eyed Monster

Episode poster for Green-Eyed Monster
Tags: !maker: bizarra, stock: misc, tv: farscape, tv: xena, type: landcomm challenge, type: tumblr graphics, type: wallpapers

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