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38 LOST icons (20 Ben, 18 S1)

[38] LOST (20 Ben Linus for character20n20 + 18 misc S1 for watchnicon)

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* More importantly, watch Lost!

First, my entry for character20n20, which is about my love Ben (BIG SHOCK I know :p).

I had actually claimed Emma Swan first but then i started making the icons and realized it was very difficult to interpret the themes when I've only seen the episodes once so I don't really know her that well. With Ben I've paid lots of attention ot every single detail about his story, so it was a lot easier to make the icons about him. Lesson learnt: always claim a character you're really obessed with, even if it's the same character you always icon for all the things :p

I'm not sure if these icons do the character justice at all, I only had a week to complete these cause I switched to him so late. Some of them may be a little rushed, but I still had a lot of fun making them and staring at pretty Ben caps :>


Close Ship Flowers Full Body & Fake BG Over the Shoulder Pink & Yellow
Provided Texture Regret Sly Spring White Light


Five of Pentacles Six of Cups Eight of Swords Queen of Swords King of Wands


artist's choice 1 artist's choice 2 artist's choice 3 artist's choice 4 artist's choice 5

Category set explanation - these are the tarot cards I got, and how I interpreted them in relation to Ben:

[Tarot card category explanations]
1. In a world that equates success with financial security, the loss shown on the Five of Pentacles can be a humbling blow to one's self-esteem. This can be brought about in many ways, but even though an exterior event may seem to be the cause, this card often shows a loss that you bring upon yourself.

At one point of the series, Ben's people decide to move from the barracks to the Temple, and on their way they have to live in tents. It's only a temporary decrease in their wealth and comfort, but that's the closest I could think of for this card.

2. (Six of Cups): This card is the only one in the Tarot that refers explicitly to the past, and of memories and good times experienced there.

Well this was easy enough, considering that we're only given one or two happy scenes in his flashbacks :c He seemed very happy when Alex was little and didn't hate him yet, so that's what I iconed.

3. The Eight of Swords shows what happens when you abuse the power of the Swords suit to a large enough degree - it turns against you. In most cases, the Eight of Swords and its precarious position of entrapment is the end result. [...] The twisted web of logic and mental power is a tough one to escape, but it can be done by someone who realizes that the Swords can be used to his or her advantage.

I iconed Ben imprisoned in the hatch. He does have the power to escape, with a little help from his people and Michael ;)

4. This type of person often has very few friends, and they are often depressed and unsatisfied with themselves because they cannot live up to their own high standards. The Queen of Swords often uses her dry and vicious humor to keep others from seeing her bitterness and her dissatisfaction.

Vicious humor? This is Ben alright. He just can't help provoking people, even when he usually gets beaten for it. This scene is another one of those cases when he's teasing his favorite person to tease, John Locke ;) This is probably not really related to the main idea of the card but it was really difficult for me to even get what it was really about, so I just picked one quote from the explanation :p

5. The King of Wands invites us to act as he would to solve our problems. [...] He is the warrior of light who stands up for something that matters, and his appearance is an invitation for you to do so as well. If there is a cause you wish to support, but you are unsure of your position, you may proceed with the knowledge that your base of power is strong. Enjoy the King's power and authority, but be sure to use it for productive means.

Moving the Island is the first time Ben stands up for something good (if we define 'good' as what's good for the protagonists of the show! from his POV, everything he has done has been good, and I agree jsyk. But anyways). He basically sacrifices himself for the Island and the people on it, knowing he won't have an easy way back, and he loves the Island as much as Locke does, yet he volunteers for this job believing it's Jacob's will.

I don't usually like to include any icon dump stuff or other entries into my 20in20 entries, but this time I thought these would fit cause the fandom is the same. So, here's my watchnicon entry for round 6, including episodes 1x13-1x18. I love all of these episodes, especially 1x13 and 1x18. The theme of the round was to icon things that are distinctive/memorable in our claim.


[Thoughts & icon explanations]1x13 Hearts and Minds - I love this episode. it has so many perfect things in it: creepy Locke, creepy hallucinations, the best/creepiest canonish ship (Shannon/Boone), and just a high level of general creepiness. Basically it's as good as a Benless episode can be :3 I chose to focus on Shannon and Boone in the icons, cause it was one of the things I remembered well from my first watch years ago, and their step-sibling relationship not really common in tv so I thought they might be a good pick for this challenge.

1x14 Special - this episode is awesome cause it gives us some really interesting stuff about Walt, plus another polar bear! The thing people mostly remember about Michael is that he's always shouting for Waaaaalt, haha. I still have a few eps to go before that episode, but Michael does spend a lot of his time searching for Walt even before the kidnapping, and that's how this episode starts as well, so I thought, why not :D In 5 I wanted to make a really close crop cause that's something Lost does a lot. And in 6 I went with the polar bear inspiration, I think it's something a lot of people remember from these s1 episodes.

1x15 Homecoming - I love this episode, very dark and dramatic. The flashbacks don't do much for me in this one, but the on Island story is wonderful. In 7 I used a nighttime/firelight scene cause there are a LOT of those in Lost :p 8 is the most obvious kind of Lost inspiration, focusing on the wonderful jungle scenery which definitely sets it apart from most other shows. 9 also shows a little of those lovely settings. One of the things that for me make Lost such an awesome show is that all the character interactions are so good, and all the relationships so different, so I wanted to icon one of my favorite canon ships, Charlie/Claire, who shared many awesome scenes especially during s1.

1x16 Outlaws - I like this episode a lot, because all the Sawyer angst. tbh I hate the drinking game scene, but had to icon it (again :p) cause it was pretty much the scene I remembered the clearest from my first watch, so I guess it was memorable. in 10 I wanted to icon a memorable quote and a significant part of Sawyer's backstory. 11 is another one using Lost's signature extreme close shots.

1x17 ...In Translation - omg so many dramatic twists in this one. I love how this develop's Jin's pov more and we see that the Jin/Sun story isn't all black and white. The scene where Sun's english speaking skills are revealed is EPIC, and I couldn't decide which part of it to use, so I basicaly threw all the caps at the icon, haha. In 13 I iconned another flashback cause those are another thing that is really distinctive about Lost, and in 14 I went with ocean scenery + the raft which is another one of those important plot things that a lot of people remember from this season.

1x18 Numbers - Hurley is awesome, and yay for the NUMBERS. I chose to focus mostly on them in these icons cause they're such a significant thing in this show and I love the way they're introduced here. I couldn't resist making one Danielle icon though cause I love all her s1 scenes and this one with Hurley was particularly incredible. People running in the jungle with guns is a veeery common thing in Lost though so I think that icon fits the theme too :>

Tags: !maker: jsfunction, character: benjamin linus, tv: lost, type: icons

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