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Challege Redo- Create a TV Show- CSI: Las Vegas

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Viva Las Vegas. Gil Grissom and Catherine Willows are back together again! They return to Las Vegas, now married, as FBI agents who are leading an Organized Crime unit set up to investigate the rumors of a new Mob presence in Las Vegas. They will also investigate cases that could link to older unsolved crimes, which can potentially be solved with modern-day investigative techniques. Together with their team, Grissom and Willows go where the clues lead them, playing a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse with aging mobsters and their heirs.


Gilbert 'Gil' Grissom
William Petersen
Gil Grissom is the former supervisor for the Las Vegas Police Department's Crime Lab. He retired and soon ended up teaching in France. After leaving for Peru, as a request to consult with the government, Grissom began to miss investigation and wanted to get back into the game. He was recruited to work with the FBI, in Washington, three years after leaving Las Vegas. Once there, he worked crime scenes for the 'Feds' and was soon made an agent. When Catherine was recruited, Grissom had enough pull to request her as his partner. They settled back into a familiar routine and, finally, were able to give in to the attraction that had always been between them. Once his divorce was final, Grissom and Catherine married and he couldn't be happier. He had an attentive wife, who also happened to be his best friend.

Catherine Grissom
Marg Helgenberger
Catherine Grissom is the daughter of casino mogul Sam Braun and former showgirl Lily Flynn. She is a Vegas native and former stripper who became interested in law enforcement and went back to school to get her degree. Working her way through the ranks, Catherine ended up in the Las Vegas Crime Lab, where she and her best friend, Grissom, worked as occasional partners in solving crimes. When he retired, Catherine was given his position as Supervisor, and she remained in Las Vegas for a few more years before being recruited to the FBI. Once in Washington, she was surprised to find that her partner was none other than Gil Grissom, and because of their Las Vegas experience, Grissom and Catherine were given some organized crime cases. While in Las Vegas, attending a party given in memory of her father, at his casino, one of Sam Braun's closest advisers is murdered. Catherine and Grissom help their former co-workers solve the crime and are asked by the LVPD and the FBI to stay in Vegas to help form a cooperative unit, specializing in investigating Organized Crime and its past and ever-evolving present ties to Las Vegas.

Michael 'Mike' Stewart
Matt Smith
Mike Stewart is an FBI agent who Grissom worked with and trusted to have his back. Mike is the son of Barbara and George Stewart, born in London, and began his crime-fighting career as a constable. When he was a sergeant, Mike helped the FBI out on a case involving a British citizen. When finished, the FBI asked if he would continue to work as a foreign consultant. Mike eventually immigrated to the US and began to work for the FBI full-time, in Washington. Two years later, Mike earned his citizenship and is a happy British-American. He was partnered with Grissom when the older man was recruited, and the two formed a fast friendship. Mike was only too happy to go to Las Vegas when Grissom asked him along.

Susan Garner
Alex Kingston
Susan Garner was born to a British mother, Evalyn Morris, and an American father, Scott Garner. She grew up in Oxford and moved to London to go to University, where she graduated with a Medical Criminology degree. soon, Susan found herself working for the London Metropolitan Police Service, as a forensic scientist. She eventually relocated to the United States, where she worked in the New York City Crime Lab. Susan consulted with the FBI on cases they were involved in, and was soon recruited to work for them on a full-time basis. After Grissom was partnered with Catherine, Susan and Mike began working together, and have fallen into a 'will they or won't they'-relationship. The two flirt endlessly and he jokingly refers to her as 'Mrs. Robinson.' When Mike was asked to go to Las Vegas, Susan requested to be transferred along with him.

Rena Leonard
Jennifer Lawrence
Rena Leonard has always been a natural on the computer. With a father working in Silicon Valley, and passing his programming knowledge on to his only child, Rena became interested in forensics in college and found she really loved pulling information from computers and hacking. She started working for the San Jose Police Department as a computer tech, and soon moved to Las Vegas to begin her law enforcement career in earnest. Rena loves the challenge of pulling information off of previously-thought to be erased hard drives. When she was recruited to work with Grissom's team, Rena jumped at the chance, excited to put her hacking and research skills to the test.

Kenneth 'Kenny' Holloway
Isaiah Mustafa
Kenneth Holloway specializes in computers, though he works more with communications and research. His parents were very proud that their son was able to go to college, hoping he would do more than sit in their basement, watching Doctor Who and Star Trek. Kenneth is a Las Vegas native, growing up on the not-so-desirable side of town. Throughout high school, he worked in the casinos, and was able to put himself through college, where he majored in Computer Science. But it was his interest in law enforcement that prompted Kenneth to take an internship with the LVPD, after college, and soon moved up the ranks. When his coworker, Rena, was asked to join the Organized Crime Unit the FBI was forming, Kenneth set out to prove that he, too, could do the work. Grissom was intrigued by his persistence and gave the young man a chance. Soon, Kenneth proved he was an asset to the team and was asked to join, permanently, with Grissom's blessing.

Sasha Mason
Christina Ricci
Sasha Mason was a typical nerd and geek growing up, always interested in how things worked and solving mysteries. She received a microscope for her tenth birthday and never looked back. Pretty soon, Sasha was begging for a chemistry set and unabashedly experimenting on anything she could find. Her parents indulged her interests and sent Sasha to the school of her choosing, where she received degrees in Chemistry and Forensic Biology. Well on her way to being a forensic scientist, Sasha heard about a position opening up in a new unit being formed by the FBI and LVPD, from a friend, and applied. Taking a chance on her fire and skills, Grissom hired Sasha and put her right to work.

Phyllis Kline
Kate Mulgrew
Phyllis Kline started her medical career as a general practitioner, but soon realized she liked it better when her patients didn't talk back. Phyllis began working in hospital morgues, performing routine autopsies before the decedents were released to their families. Soon, she was consulting with the local police department in Pahrump, and found herself working with the coroner, before eventually becoming the coroner, herself. Phyllis felt it was time to move on to bigger things, so she applied for a position in the LVPD's Medical Examiner's office and got the job. While working homicides, Phyllis became well-known for her excellent work. Since her lab is in the building that will eventually be used as the home base for Grissom's team, Phyllis becomes the defacto ME who will work on their cases.


Gianni Albano
George Clooney
Gianni Albano is the heir and current head of the Albano family. His father, Vittore, invested in the Las Vegas casinos in the early sixties, and built the Sunset Casino. Vittore amassed his fortune by skimming and laundering money through the Casino, which became 'the place' for anyone who was anyone to go. Vittore butted heads with many of the gangsters of the time: Bugsy Seigel, Tony Constantine, and the like. In the end, the group settled on an agreement to avoid each other's turf, and the Albanos managed to 'go legit' in the seventies, escaping the FBI's clean-up of Las Vegas. As Gianni grew, and eventually took over his father's empire, the younger Albano began to get restless and wanted more of the pie. He's starting to encroach on the turf his father agreed to steer clear of, and some of the 'old guard' is still around. they're beginning to notice... and so is the law.

Tony Constantine
Richard Belzer
Long thought to be dead - and willing to keep it that way - Tony Constantine has his spies all over Las Vegas. He's currently watching Gianni Albano, making sure the kid stays on his side of the fence, while fully willing and able to step back into the spotlight if need be. When Albano starts to make waves, Constantine sends his aides to deliver a message. At the same time, he also starts to look to allies - some of whom are former friends of Sam Braun - but knowing Braun's daughter is FBI, Constantine must do this quietly. (This is the beginning of a turf war that will make up the recurring plot for at least a couple seasons.)

Marco Marcello
Dennis Farina
The son of Giordano Marcello, Marco is more pussycat than tiger, and while he has ties to the Las Vegas mafia, Marco would rather stay out of their way. A poker buddy of Grissom's, Marco is always more than willing to share any information that he comes across, so long as his involvement as a snitch is kept quiet; he prefers staying alive. Marco's older brother, Ernesto, has taken the family mantle and would not be happy to know Marco was a snitch for the FBI. Marco does not, however, divulge any of his own family's activities, which Grissom understands, and doesn't push. That does not mean, however, that Grissom doesn't know exactly what the Marcello family is up to. He gets his info elsewhere, and would protect Marco, should he need to act on any of the information.


Pilot Episode: Episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
The Second Time Around

Now married, Grissom and Catherine are in town, attending a memorial party for Sam Braun, at his casino, when one of Sam's inner circle is murdered. The crime brings in the CSIs, who, in investigating one mystery, discover another one nearly thirty years old. Grissom and Catherine work to investigate the older case and eventually solve the crime. The episode culminates with both Grissom and Catherine being asked to head up an Organized Crime Unit, being specifically created to investigate and resolve old, unsolved casino murders, as well as new, potential threats.

We'll Be Together Again
When the bodies of an elderly couple are found in their home, the case takes Mike and Susan on a nostalgic trip. The couple, identified as Dorothy and Gene Hanson, are a former dancer and a former dealer from the Sands. While investigating the murders, Mike and Susan find a box of what Susan refers to as 'memories' in the bedroom closet. As Mike and Susan work to solve the murders, flashbacks show the life the Hansons lived at the Sands. In the end, the agents learn that Dorothy was in the end-stages of cancer and Gene had killed his wife to spare her the pain, then killed himself, because he couldn't live without her. Guest Starring Susan Seaforth-Hayes and Bill Hayes as Dorothy and Gene Hanson.

Second Season Finale
Pennies From Heaven

When the old Sunset is imploded - in order to build a newer, more modern Sunset Casino - a set of bones are found in the rubble of an elevator shaft. The entire department takes the case, with Grissom and Catherine taking the lead. It turns out there are multiple bodies, and sorting out the remains - not to mention how and when they died - is a tough job. The investigation is further hindered by the fact that the Sunset is run by the Albano family - a family the FBI has been looking into for years. When Grissom and Catherine get too close, someone decides they need to be dealt with.

Cliffhanger scene
Grissom and Catherine are laying in bed jovially discussing the case they're working on. Without warning, the window bursts and bullets begin to rain into the room, from the street facing side of the house. As the scene fades, we see Grissom slump over Catherine and the screen goes black.

Third Season Opener
Luck be A Lady

This episode begins where the previous season left off, moments after gunfire has riddled the bedroom of Grissom and Catherine. After surviving the drive-by, Grissom and Catherine warn their team to watch for potential danger and learn that they weren't the only hit that was being carried out that night. As they work the scene of the successful shooting, the team makes it a priority to prove that Gianni Albano was the man calling the shots.

Opening scene
[after Grissom and Catherine's house is strafed and they've ended up from the bed to the floor and assessed that they're OK. He's still laying over her.]
G: This is why I lived in an upstairs condo.
C: We should probably warn the team.
G: [Reaches for the phone on the nightstand]
C: You can move you know.
G: I'm fine right here. [smirks]
C: [rolls her eyes and pushes out from under him]
G: Keep your head down, they could still be out there.
C: Last time someone shot up my house, they ended up inside. I'm not exactly dressed for a house call even if they have guns.
G: [gives her a lopsided smile] You look fine to me.
C: [rolls her eyes] Call the police.

My Way
When a war for supremacy breaks out between the Constantines and the Albanos, the casino floor of the Flamingo is the scene of a brutal shootout. There are mass casualties, both among the mob and tourists who were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Trying to put together the chain of events is a puzzling mystery that will take all the resources Grissom's team has at their disposal.

I've Got You Under My Skin
When Catherine and Susan are kidnapped, both Grissom and Mike work against the clock to find the women alive. Bloody clues are being sent to the station, adding to the urgency of solving the riddle that's being set out for Grissom. Help is received from an unexpected source, but they might just might want something in return.

Let's Get Away From It All: Pt 1
Grissom meets his poker cronies for a weekly game, when Marco takes him aside to whisper that he's heard the Albanos have plans for a major heist, taking place on one of the Constantine casino cruises. Grissom, Catherine, Susan, and Mike go undercover on the cruise, to stop the robbery before people get hurt.

Come Fly With Me: pt 2
On the night the heist is supposed to go down, Susan's cover is blown and the four agents have to act fast, before a bomb planted in the engine room is set to explode, sinking the ship along with its' passengers and enough money to fund an entire country.

That's Life
When a time capsule from the Dunes is opened during a special ceremony, something else is also found nestled in its' burial spot: the bones of an index finger. The mystery of who the finger belongs to captures all of Phyllis' attention, while a jawbone that surfaces at the site of the Flamingo's time capsule piques Grissom's interest. When DNA testing reveals the bones came from the same person, Grissom insists on checking other casino time capsule locations, leading to a gruesome scavenger hunt.

One For My Baby
An elderly man approaches Catherine at the Eclipse Casino, with a note that has obviously been well-read. He asks her to "prove this wasn't on purpose" and walks away. Upon reading it, Catherine begins to look into the death of the woman who signed the suicide note, finding herself drawn deeper into the mystery when she learns the woman was a friend of her mother's, not to mention that the woman's suicide had always seemed odd and completely out of character.


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