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Made for universe_the. My 5 favorite tv shows of all time. (Where in I decided to not include comedies and this is totally subject to the day it was made!)

[Babylon 5]

Simply put, the storytelling on this show is amazing. Sometimes you really have to look past the cheesy sets or the terrible outfits, but if you can, it's just stunning. Compelling characters who usually do more bad things than good, but you are able to love them anyway. Tragedy, mistakes, death, sadness, hope and perseverance. It's hard for me to not cry when I even think about some of these characters. This show knows how to work my emotions with its characters and their decisions and it does so masterfully.

[Battlestar Galactica]

I only slightly debated including this show because I actually really dislike the end of it. But that doesn't mean I didn't love it, and love it so much when it was on. Well it took me a while to get watching it, probably not until season 2. But I was so obsessed with it when it was on. It's full of misery and complications and robots. And of course it gave me one of my favorite characters of all time, Kara Thrace.

[Buffy the Vampire Slayer]

Another show I don't totally love the whole way through, but the more I thought about it the more I realized how much this show means to me and how much I love some of the characters. Even though it can be over hyped I think this show was probably pretty revolutionary in some ways, and some of the episodes are damn near perfection. Plus there are some caps alone that would reduce me to tears or laughter at a glance.


If I had to pick an all time favorite show, this would usually be my answer. I think a lot of it comes from when I watched it, that I watched most of it as it aired and that it hit all the right buttons for me. So much of it means so much to me. And it wasn't the John/Aeryn ship only. While I liked it, what I loved was the overall show, the different characters, their relationships, the campiness, the wackiness, the colors, the drama, the tragedy, the comedy and the weirdness. And John is one male character I can say I truly love.


Yet another show I didn't love the ending to. But I love so so much of it before that. I love Olivia Dunham in inexplicable and obvious ways. And the show was kind enough to give me even more versions of her! Parallel universes, time travel, weird science, complicated female characters, tragedy, shenanigans, what more could a gal ask for?
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