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my icon progression for this year

A round-up of my icon posts this year.

These are icons I had made at the end of 2012 for holiday gifts of varying sorts. As a result they are even more simple than my icons tend to be because I felt the need to go for quantity as opposed to quality (which is a common theme with me!)

These icons mostly seem to be for various challenges/landcomms. Somehow I managed to make a few sort of nice ones I think.

These are mostly Farscape, a lot of which were made for a challenge, so I tried to put extra work into them. Unfortunately I am not a perfectionist by any means so even when I "try hard" they end up not being more complicated than having a few extra textures on them.

Another battle, Fringe this time. Again I am happy with some of my texture work on these because I actually put some effort into them. (There's also some I am sort of embarrassed by but I get frustrated with caps sometimes and just go with whatever looks the least terrible eventually.) The PLL icons are all thanks to pll-stillness which I am glad for because it keeps me iconning almost weekly with the challenges.

The ones I posted this month are just for farscape_20in20. Some decent stuff here I guess. A lot of contrasty icons which seems to be something I end up leaning towards no matter what. (If in doubt throw on a soft lite/overlay!)

Not that many icons again this month. These are all fairly simple and not much effort in them. I wasn't inspired much clearly and these were all only produced for challenges.

I made a big post this month for a landcomm challenge. I was struggling to get so many icons done here so some of them I ended up really liking and putting a lot of work into while some I just ended up not caring enough about to make nicer. I do realize that I am never going to be a very popular icon maker because sometimes I just put out really mediocre stuff just to put it out. Alas that's just my personality though.

I posted a lot in August apparently. Part of that was due to babylon5_love which I initially tried to make even more icons for but ended up not having the time. I'm definitely happy with a good number of the B5 icons, especially the ones where I actually took the time to cut out the backgrounds and put work into. I even put text on one of them which was sadly a lot for me. (I am so bad at text - mostly just that I can't ever think up any good text to put on icons so I never bother.) And as usual, some PLL ones which again I seem to enjoy due to the weekly inspiration challenges.

I didn't post any icons in September so I'm stealing these from the first October post I made. Lots of PLL icons, and some actually creative ones -- for me anyway. Though it also exposes my inability to do complicated things (aka anything other than a plain image/fake background). I could get better at this if I tried harder but I'm just not that focused clearly.

I actually tried to do some new stuff this month. Not super blatant perhaps, but I started messing with different types of colorings and gradient maps which actually gave the icons a little bit of diversity perhaps? (Well diversity for me anyway, which basically means everything's not bright and super contrasty.)

More PLL and Fringe icons, what a surprise. I don't know if I really learned much this year or even progressed in my icon making. It seems like I was trying to do a little bit of new stuff by this point, but it's clear I'm a slow stubborn learner.

I don't think I progressed that much now that we're at the end of the year, even though I have tried. I just get stuck in my own iconning procedures and it takes me a lot of effort to incorporate new stuff. I know what sort of icons I really want to make I just need to learn the patience and skills to get there.

Thanks for a great year!
I really do enjoy icon making, despite not having the patience to make amazing icons. Going forward I want to learn how to use textures better and more effectively. I see so many gorgeous icons with texture use that I am so jealous of but when I try to similar things it ends up looking like a mess. (maybe I just need to organize my textures better or something?) Also I'd like to try to make at least slightly more complicated icons. I'll never be able to make super complex stuff because it's just not my style but I would happy to add some variety to what I've been doing.
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