Sayuri (sayuri_x) wrote in froonium_icons,

Icon Dump

So this is a clear out of my icons folder. Some older icons for various challenge comms and more recently an aborted attempt at haven20in20 and entries for lightthe_way

I have a few more challenges that I have signed up for and then after that I think that is me and icon making parting ways. I kind of feel that to progress I have to totally change my style and way of making icons to please the taste makers in the community and I do not want to do that but I feel like I am constantly butting my head against a glass ceiling. I am just feeling extremely discouraged and gutted. I have never felt more like i'm om the outside looking in than I do right now.   Ignore me I am feeling frustrated and down right now.
Tags: !maker: sayuri_x, character: charlie matheson, character: duke crocker, character: lucrezia borgia, character: miles matheson, character: sebastian monroe, tv: being human, tv: haven, tv: once upon a time, tv: revolution, tv: the borgias, tv: vikings, type: icons

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