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SPN for 20inspirations + icon dump = 89 multifandom icons

30 Supernatural
20 Lost
12 Battlestar Galactica
7 Les Misérables
7 Doctor Who
3 Buffy the Vampire Slayer
3 Once Upon a time
3 Pitch perfect
1 Defiance, Torchwood, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter

Let's start with 20inspirations! My claim was Supernatural season 1 which I have just finished watching and it was awesomeness.

But let me just say that this round didn't happen easily at. all. and I'm not at all confident about this set. I had a rambly whiny rant here about the reasons, but I'll just cut it all out because nobody wants to read that. I'll just let you make up your own mind about these and hope for the best :') I guess it's not really worse than any of my other sets, I think my expectations for myself just are so high that it's impossible to meet them :p one thing I know for sure - I NEED to learn how to say no to fun icon activities cause iconing while stressed and busy = not fun.

The idea of the round was Pass it on, meaning that each two consecutive icons had to have something in common. The themes I came up with + some other rambling can be found by hovering over the icon!


I also have a ton of icons made for various activities that I haven't posted to this comm yet so I figured why not compensate for the possible lack of quality by adding more quantity! :D SOLID PLAN. So here's an icon dump of icons made for whedon_elite, the7days, missingfaction, elite_inspired, theskilldrill and other stuff.

More SPN

(...it's kinda obvious who my favorite character is :p most of these weren't even made for anything in particular, they just happened as I was drooling at pretty Sayid caps. It would have been so much easier to just pick Lost for the 20insp round too, now that I think about it!)

Battlestar Galactica
(these are reeeeaally old, I had just forgotten to post them. I also had forgotten how bad they were, but posting cause you never know what others like? :p most of you might want to just ignore these...)

Les Misérables
(I miss the7days. I can't believe the battle round was the last one I took part in!)

Doctor Who



Pitch Perfect

Misc: Torchwood, Defiance, GOT, HP

Omg, so sorry about the obscene amount of icons in one post. I know it's way too much and I'll try to remember to make icon dumps more often to avoid this D: Anyway, I really hope there's something you'll find enjoyable here!

Take any you want, credit is lovely but not required, you can always watch the comm if you like some of what you see, and any comments would be really lovely and possibly helpful in finding my muse/inspiration/iconing mojo again :p
Tags: !maker: jsfunction, movie: harry potter, movie: les miserables, movie: pitch perfect, tv: battlestar galactica, tv: buffy the vampire slayer, tv: defiance, tv: doctor who, tv: game of thrones, tv: lost, tv: once upon a time, tv: supernatural, tv: torchwood, type: icons

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