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In which Biz shows just how much she doesn't suck anymore ...

I finally cancelled my completely abandoned websites, so I'm posting my moldy graphics here so I have them all in one place. This way, you can see just where I started from. Ha!(actually, I don't even think I HAVE my really old stuff anymore... but this stuff is just as bad. LOL) Seriously, though, you can see where I started and when I figured out Photoshop and really took off. This was back when I was working at a cable company doing on air classified ads, so I had Photoshop at my beck and call and a boss who really could care less what I did at work as long as the work was done. With that said... 90% of these graphics were done at work. (when my work was done. LOL)

This will be a two poster. Xena and Farscape will be in post 2. There's many different fandoms & these are all 800X600 because that was the average desktop size in the late 90's/early 2000's when these were all made.

Remember WENN:

As Time Goes By series

An archaic episode poster. :)

A fanfic cover for my magnum opus.

Cool affect me. :)

And a smaller version because I guess I wanted one..

Crappy WENN screen caps are crappy. Because we have no DVDs since the *expletive deleted*heads at AMC have probably destroyed the masters, which is the ONLY possible explanation for why we have no DVD release even as DVD companies are BEGGING to release this show. /rant

Funny story about this one. I randomly found this on my *boss's* computer one day while clearing out some old files. I had *completely* forgotten I'd done it. LOL (and yes, I frequently used his comouter for work projects and apparently other stuff. LOL)

I don't even remember doing these two animated globes. LOL

Me playing with stock images. :)

Oh, Melinda ... I MISS YOU and your gorgeous face!! <3

Miscellaneous Fandoms (because Xena and Farscape is really where I started improving, so saving the best for last. :) There are a few random decent ones in here because they were made a bit later)

Clark, run. Trust me, just run. :)

Scooby dooby doo! (I actually loved the Live-action Scooby Doo movies. :) )

Sunset Boulevard. My favorite classic movie. EPIC

Moulin Rouge

Harry Potter

Buffy (Made this for a friend)

Dr Quinn. Made for a Christmas exchange and it's really only here for posterity. (*shudder*

Witchblade (made this 'cause I really liked the promo shot)

Pirates of the Caribbean: Black Pearl

movie poster redux

Yeah, I love me some Captain Jack. :)

And that is all I'll torture with for this post. I'll post the Xena and Farscape ones tomorrow. When I'm more awake. I need sleep now. :)
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