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28 Les Misérables icons

Ok so this is my entry for the 24th round (aka: text round) at 20inspirations. I claimed Les Misérables (2012) because right now half of my brain activity consists of Valvert. WHAT is my ife and WHY am I obsessed with these old guys when there are so many cute young people in the movie, go figure. Their lines though, omg. EPIC UST I'M TELLING YOU :3

(omg I need sleep, I accidentally posted this whole freaking thing to a crossposting comm first, lmao. Hope I'm getting it right this time :p)

Er, anyway. Les Mis is so different from the stuff I usually icon, it's sad and dramatic as opposed to the fun, lighter and a bit silly things I'm usually into. With this in mind, I fully planned to take this as an opportunity to practise some deeper colors and more dramatic lighting and dump the pop art nonsense for a while cause it reeeeaally doesn't fit the vibe of the movie.
well you can see how well that worked out .___.
so let's just pretend that this is a totally valid representation of the movie, haha. Then again this is the only 20insp entry I've managed to make this far that I'm actually fairly happy with, cause I do see progress from the only other text batch I've made (about half a year ago), which was my main objective this time!

Also, I completely unintentionally ended up making 5 vibrant icons, 5 vintagey/light-colored icons, 5 that are a weird mix of color and bw, and 5 muted/dark/fully bw ones, so here's a vibrancy gradient :p


Rejects/extras/icons I failed to put text into


(sorry, rn I'm too lazy and busy to post textless versions of the icons in the entry, but if there's a specific one you'd like to see without text, just let me know, I really won't mind!)

Also, we are still working on the requests, I had to get this challenge out of the way first knowing how much time text icons take me, but we'll get them made and posted asap! :)

Any and all comments would really brighten my miserable buried-in-uni-work life :> ♥
Tags: !maker: jsfunction, movie: les miserables, type: icons
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