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icons and small tut

10 icons and a tutorial made for round 25 of farscape_20in20


1 - negative space
2 - texture
3 - looking down
4 - icon
5 - vintage
6 - sad
7 - icon
8 - face
9 - graphic
10 - black and white

-Please credit ghanimasun if you use
-Comments and concrit welcome

So I feel kinda weird writing this guide, because I'm not really that talented of an icon maker, and I don't want it to come across as like I am some sort of expert. Usually I don't know what I'm doing when I making an icon anyway and it's just a lot of luck if they end up okay or not. But this one was one of the few that someone expressed an interest in and that I still had the psd for as well. I feel like I could have made the icon better when I was done, but I really had no idea how to actually do that, so it is what it is.

guide for

[click to see]

I started with this base cap. I'm not entirely sure how I lightened it, probably some screen layers or curves though. And I smudged the background and Zhaan's dress to fill the icon.

First I I added a vibrance layer at set at 70.

Next I added a selective color layer with settings
red -35 -28 +4 0
cyan +25 -16 -23 0

Then I added this texture by cittacostiera

set on hard light, fill 50%, opacity 100%

Next I added this texture by innocent_lexys

set on lighter color, fill 33%, opacity 100%
(This texture doesn't do anything but make the top right corner a little brighter. I'm not sure why I even bothered with it.)

Next layer I added is some light blobs set on soft light at fill 25%.

Then I added this texture also by innocent_lexys

flipped vertically, set on overlay, opacity 70%, fill 64%

This next layer is where all the weird colors come from with this texture by pamkips

hard light, fill 89%, opacity 100%

After that I sharpened using a high pass layer set on overlay opacity 85%

Finally I duplicated the base layer, gaussian blurred it, set it to soft light and dragged it on top of everything.
Tags: !maker: ghanimasun, tv: farscape, type: icons

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