Bizarra (bizarra) wrote in froonium_icons,

Older Landcomm challenge artwork

Random stuff that I've posted there, but not here. :) icons, wallpapers, stuff. :) Also to note: Photobucket has forced the switch to the broken Beta with no way to go back, and one of their new "perks" that they have foisted on their users is that no graphic bigger than 1024 X 768 can be "linked to", which means the only way to download the FULL original size of my wallpapers (1366X768) is to comment, let me know which one you want and I will email it to you. :/ because clearly linking to the FULL size image and "right-click save as" was too easy for them. :/ (and yes users, including myself, are raising heck. It has not been pretty. This is an LJ level disasterous change.)

 photo finalfrontier10.jpg  photo finalfrontier9.jpg  photo finalfrontier8.jpg  photo finalfrontier7.jpg

 photo finalfrontier6.jpg  photo finalfrontier5.jpg  photo finalfrontier4.jpg  photo finalfrontier3.jpg

 photo finalfrontier2.jpg  photo finalfrontier1.jpg Best photo best.png 3 photo icon3.png

Most of these are older, but there's some awesome stuff here. :)
Tags: !maker: bizarra, art: other, tv: csi:vegas, tv: farscape, tv: xena, type: icons, type: landcomm challenge, type: wallpapers

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