Sayuri (sayuri_x) wrote in froonium_icons,

It's a long way home....

SO I have been m.i.a the last couple of months. I can't see it changing much to be honest. Still,  I have made a paltry amount of icons in the last 6 months...LOL I keep hoping my muse will turn up but to no avail. 

I also have to admit to being seduced by the devil Tumblr. So expect to see a lot more picspams and wallpapers etc, basically larger graphics. 

These are a mixed batch made for some icontests and some for kicks. 

01 - Arrested Development
02 - Pride & Prejudice
03 - Hunted
04 - South Park
05 - The Fades
06 - Strike Back
07-08 Farscape
09 The New Normal
10 - Nashville
11 - Psych
12 - Revenge
13-16 Walking Dead


Tags: !maker: sayuri_x, tv miniseries: pride & prejudice, tv: arrested development, tv: farscape, tv: hunted, tv: nashville, tv: psych, tv: revenge, tv: south park, tv: strike back, tv: the fades, tv: the new normal, tv: the walking dead, type: icons

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