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20 Doctor Who icons

Ok, so here is my set for inspired20in20, round 17 - Nostalgia.

Omg guyyyys. This round inspired me so much and I wanted to make a set inspired by mainly stuff from my own past and somehow tie it to DW and the inspiration post and everything. And I would have, but then exam week and all kinds of deadlines happened and I realized I was making things unnecessarily difficult so uh what you see instead is just a random bunch of icons inspired by the general timey-wimeyness of DW (perfect claim for the round!), some retro styles, and of course the inspiration post.

I have a love/hate relationship with this set cause I put a lot of thought into each icon and was really really inspired like I said and even experimented quite a lot with some things I might like to take further in my future icons, but on the other hand I also ran out of time so I had to accept most of them quicker than I usually would have, so they have billions of technical imperfections and stuff I'd like to tweak ._.

Hope you find something to like anyway! :>



Icons 1-9 were mostly inspired by in-verse stuff - a lot of the given words fit well with DW. This part contains some s5 spoilers.
1&2: Childhood
3: Flashback - loved that scene in Vincent and the Doctor where Amy sees the dedication on the painting :')
4&5: Remember - forgetting and then remembering has such a big part in Amy's sory on s5, so these icons represent that. 4 is from the scene where Amy sees her ring, with Rory being erased from time, and that scene always gives chills. And 5 is of course a happier one, where Amy remembers the Doctor back into existance.
6: Longing. Why yes, I still love these two, and this scene is so angsty and beautiful. Well, at least until the Master starts talking about food :p
7: Past. A past Master! I haven't actually seen any of them in action yet, but I chose Delgado because based on what i've read I think I'll love him the most. Also he was the original and thus perfect for this theme.
8: This has two inspirations, thematically it was inspired by the theme 'History' as I instantly thought of the lulziness of River impersonating Cleopatra in this ep. Don't ask why, no idea. And visually I was inspired by the deep reds of this icon by val_valerie.
9: Texture set by scoobyatemysnax, and I chose this episode cause I wanted as many 'in the past' episodes as possible.

Icons 10-15 were mostly inspired by various retro styles/things and have less to do with the images themselves.
10: Inspired by this icon by vetica, and also a muted vintagey look in general. This was actually the first icon I made and what the rest of the set was supposed to be like, but something happened and my inspiration just took a U-turn... like it tends to do.
11: Inspired by the theme 'Retro' which first made me think of K9, the retro tin dog ♥ also uses tons of scoobyatemysnax textures.
12: This too has just 'Retro' as the general theme, although I'm not even sure what type of retro it's trying to be. Maybe like a colorful but a bit worn down poster? ugh idek well I tried :o Oh and ofc, some scooby texture abuse.
13: This certainly tries to look like another sort of retro poster.
14: inspired by/uses longerthanwedo textures, and also a general vintagey look.
15: composition inspired by retro diskettes ♥ except that's not where you write the label on a real diskette, oops.

Icons 16-20 are more like the types of icons I planned on making, cause they have some meaning to my own past while still using the inspiration post as the starting point. I was halfway into rambling about each of the meanings already but then realized they were not very exciting as stories at all, lol, so I'll just spare you unless you specifically want to know why I did what I did with one of these :) The inspiration post inspirations where the train of thought started were:
16: This icon by spittingfish
17: textures (all the provided packs)
18: scoobyatemysnax textures
19: Innocence
20: This icon by jokermary

* * *

I know this set is a bit weird but please share your thoughts anyway, any comments always make me super happy :)

I have some other challenge icons to post and I planned on doing so here but I think I'll leave them for another day cause tiiiiired. One of my new year resolutions will have to be to stop freaking procrastinating and/or signing up for too many things at the same time! :p
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