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Create Your Own Fandom for Womenverse

Because creating things like this is like Lays potato chips... I can't do just one.. I have TWO. :)


The next generation of Witches and Wizards in Oz are moving in and the old guard must learn to deal with them, as well as train them and keep them in line. When the two wicked witches they had captured are accidentally released along with the Nome King, who had been turned into a knick knack, things start getting interesting.

Isabella (Amy Adams) No one knows where Isabella came from, only that she is the eyes and ears of Ozguard and acts as a sort of first contact point in the Ozian countries. She is the conscience and enigmatic friend of the Oz bound Guardian of the Mystic Man.

Isadora (Desiree Hall Isadora (or Dizzy) is the Saint of the Gale. Her mother is an Other Sider, her father is a Mystic Man and she was born inside the Gale, thus giving her the power to pass between the three easily. She is capable of creating doors that lead to either the past, the future or any parallel of Oz.

CJ (Hunter Williams) CJ is the son of the Guardian of the Mystic Man and the current Emerald Bearing Mystic Man. He is an extremely powerful man whose purpose is to be the Guardian of the Emerald when it is not in possession of the Emerald Bearer. There is only 1 Emerald among the many parellel Oz’s and many wicked witches are looking for it.

Fred is a flying monkey toddler who just shows up one day. He decides he rather likes it there and stays. He chooses Isadora as his witch, and thus, will stay with her until his dying day. As he’s a small monkey, he gets into a lot of trouble. And he likes fruit. And baths A lot.

Lurline (Cate Blanchett) Lurline is the Queen of the Fairies, and is the one who enchanted Oz and made it a magical place. She is the last word in the Gale and the one who rules over the Saints. She is a very serene woman, who is benevolent, but only so much. It would not do to get on her bad side.

Glinda (Heidi Klum) Glinda is much older than she lets on, and is usually the one who attempts to keep the peace both inside and out of the Gale. She has a bubbly personality (and does use bubbles as her mode of transportation. She uses a wand for her magic, though it is really unnecessary. She might be just as powerful as Lurline, but, it is never actually said. She is a good Sorceress, but does have a wicked streak. This generally shows up when she is with her lover, Ira, the former Mystic Man.

Ozma (Natalie Portman) Ozma is the Queen of Oz. The daughter of King Pastoria, she is generally the Saint who makes the trips to Oz when she needs to speak with the current Mystic Man or any of his family. She is the youngest of the three women and is herself very magically powerful. She is very stubborn and has been known to do things rashly without telling the others.

Ira (Richard Dreyfuss) Ira was the Mystic Man in an Oz that had been overrun with evil. He was banished by the Wicked Sorceress. When he tried to fight back and reclaim Oz, he was killed by the Sorceress. Upon his death, he was allowed into Ozguard by Lurline as a gift for sacrificing his life for Oz. He has powers of his own as a member of the Royal line. (All the Ozian Royals are magic users) He has a broad sense of humor and loves to play practical jokes. He and Glinda are lovers.

Singra (Sigourney Weaver) Singra is the Wicked Witch who Lurline trapped in a cave to imprison her. When she was released she enlisted the aid of her sister Mombi and together they helped to nearly defeat the Ozian royal family and take over. However, they were defeated by a merry band of misfits (imagine, a scarecrow, a tin man and a lion? A cowardly lion at that!) and were trapped inside a crystal ball then hidden away in Ozguard. An accident, while cleaning, set her free….

Mombi (Helena Bonham Carter) Mombi is a potions witch and the sister of Singra. When they were set free accidentally in Ozgard, she and her sister are stil unable to leave and mostly powerless. So they must put up with the Saints themselves. With no way to escape Ozguard, they set out to make life a little bit more difficult.

Reginald, the Nome King (Tim Curry) Reginald was once the powerful king of the Nomes. When he was trapped within one of his own knick knacks he was moved to Ozguard and set on a shelf. The same shelf that was occupied by the Crystal Ball that contained Mombi and Singra. When the shelf collpased, their prisons were broken and they were freed. Now Reggie was nowhere near as evil as the other two, he has done his fair share of not so good things. And now he was stuck with both good and evil in one place. In short, he would rather be anywhere else.

Person A: I don't get why anyone would ship Ira/CJ
Person B: Why not? I think it's hot!
Person A: Euw. They're like grandfather and grandson
Person B: I don't say anything when you ship Isadora/Isabella
Person A: Ira belongs with Glinda, they're much better suited together and besides, I will say it again. Euw.
Person B: Het sex is so gross, I hate reading it.
Person A: Do you tell your husband that before, or after?

And that's when the Mod steps in....

Save Our Show

Magic Squad

The “Magic Squad” is a division of the Orange County PD, tasked with investigating any criminal activity that takes place on Walt Disney World property. If a major crime takes place in or around any guest-facing areas, they are also tasked with keeping the guests as insulated from the crime as possible. This means thoroughly processing and cleaning the scene as fast as possible. The group is the laughing stock of the OCPD, but they take their jobs seriously and enjoy what they do. They know they are just as capable and good at their jobs as any other detectives. They just have to add a little pixie dust to their work.

Detective Elizabeth (Liz) Owens (Claudia Black) A native New Yorker, Liz’s father was an NYC detective. She grew up hearing stories of various cases her father solved. She was determined to follow in his footsteps, but not in New York. She was tired of the winters, so she moved south and eventually joined the OCPD. She enjoyed her job there, and was eventually transferred to the “Magic Squad”
Detective Sherri Grimes (Marg Helgenberger) A former “Tinkerbell”, she went on to study criminal investigations and forensics. She rose through the ranks of the OCPD and landed a job in security at Disney World. While investigating a kidnapping, she learned of the Magic Squad and immediately wanted to be a part of it.
Detective Emily Fisher (Faith Hill) Emily was raised in Valdosta, Georgia, the youngest of a large family. She was always surrounded by kids, whether cousins or nieces and nephews. She grew up loving all things Disney and wanted to work there, so once she turned twenty one, she moved to Orlando and became a Cast Member. She started in the resorts and eventually ended up in Security. Wanting to keep the Disney World property a safe haven for children, she wanted to be part of the infamous Magic Squad.
Capt. Peter (Pete) Cain (Tom Berenger) Pete was a member of the investigative team on the OCPD. He was accused of using evidence to support a guilty man and make sure he was prosecuted. It was never proven that he did it, but he was transferred to the Magic Squad as a punishment. He leads the team in hopes to gain respect among the local criminal investigators.
Det. Craig Lawson {William Petersen} Craig is a native Bostonian. He worked his way through the Police Department from beat cop all the way to investigations. When he transferred to OCPD, he learned of the Magic Squad through a friend and transferred in. He is partnered with Liz Owens and they have a will-they-or-won’t-they chemistry.
Det. Tony Jarvis (Neal McDonough) Tony is surprised to be working with his ex-wife Emily. They work very well together and it would surprise no one if they got back together. Tony’s specialty is quickly making a crime scene vanish once it is fully processed. He also works with the investigative team in piecing together the clues to finding the guilty party.
Det. Ken Martin (Mike Rowe) Ken Martin is an Orlando native and is also a former Disney Cast Member. He worked in Entertainment, doing a lot of the stage shows. His partner is Sherri Grimes. She is also a former Cast Member, so they both have the inside knowledge of the Cast-facing side of the Disney World Resort. He will also help Tony in the crime scene clean-up. They aren’t always successful in hiding the major crimes, in which case, they keep the spread of knowledge as small as possible.
Dr Mal Robbins (Barbara Hershey) Mal Robbins takes pride in her job. She uses her psychiatric expertise to aid the team in finding the guilty person, speaking to victims, as well as speaking to guests who may have witnessed a crime. She also aids in making sure the news of the crime does not spread too far.

2 4 810 9 76 3 1 5

Pilot Ep: When a body is found in the pool at the Coronado Springs Hotel, the Squad is called to investigate. Once they arrive, they find the woman was murdered. They investigate her family and learn she was in the middle of a contentious custody battle.

When a van is found in the parking lot of Downtown Disney with its doors wide open, the squad is sent to investigate. They find traces of blood in the back seat that leads them to believe it was dumped in the parking lot and left abandoned. The team traces the blood to the owner of the van, who has a black eye and no memory of the previous week.

Someone is killing Cast members of live stage shows at the various parks. The Squad has to go undercover to catch their criminal. This goes on throughout the season of Season three and the outcome could have a lasting effect on the relationships of the team, one set of partners in particular.

Other Episode to include:

- The child of a prominent businessman is kidnapped and the Squad is brought in to help find the kid.
- It is Grad Night at the Magic Kingdom. As usual, Chaos ensues and people get hurt. Stupidly.
- Disney Bus full of passengers flips during it’s route.

Watch here for links to a ship war and the SOS campaign.
magicsquad Because it is a disease and I haz it. Watch that community for the further adventures of the Magic Squad. (as perpetrated by myself and erinm_4600 Because yeah... this show.. I'm fanning it. Seriously. LOL
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