April 20th, 2014

painty reigisa

38 LOST icons (20 Ben, 18 S1)

[38] LOST (20 Ben Linus for character20n20 + 18 misc S1 for watchnicon)

* Comments (especially Ben squee) are always very much appreciated ♥
* Take any you want, crediting is optional
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* Watch the comm :)

* More importantly, watch Lost!

First, my entry for character20n20, which is about my love Ben (BIG SHOCK I know :p).

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I don't usually like to include any icon dump stuff or other entries into my 20in20 entries, but this time I thought these would fit cause the fandom is the same. So, here's my watchnicon entry for round 6, including episodes 1x13-1x18. I love all of these episodes, especially 1x13 and 1x18. The theme of the round was to icon things that are distinctive/memorable in our claim.

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