April 10th, 2014

t-bag: they always try to run away

missingfaction news


the new comm is:
tmfaction (watch!! ;) )

We're a multimaker icon comm currently consisting of myself and the following awesome makers: afeastforme, alfiri, wellhalesbells, messdestruction, naginis & vintagic. But we'd love to have more makers, so here's an application post, open until April 16th:

we're looking for ~5 members. We're most importantly looking for active makers who would participate in and host activities. That's our first priority. Our past invitations have usually been sent to makers who weren't in multimaker comms yet, so don't hesitate to apply even if you're new to these things; but then again I definitely recommend applying even if you are in other comms as long as you think you'll still have time for tmfaction as well. so... see you there? :D
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