February 10th, 2014

t-bag: they always try to run away

Icon dump: 66 multifandom icons

LOST [27]
Doctor Who [16]
Farscape [11]
Once Upon a Time [3]
Les Miserables, Supernatural, Suits, Pitch Perfect, The Hunger Games, The Walking Dead, Elementary, My Week With Marilyn, The Fades [1 each]

//EDIT 17.12.2014: MOST OF THESE WERE MADE IN 2013!
If you're here to look for bestof_icons nominations or icons to remake for year 2014, most of this post doesn't fit the 'made in 2014' rule.
The ones that DO fit the rule are 1-9 (tho those are remakes already..), 25, 30, and 34-36

These were made for bestof_icons, the7days, capchallenge, jukeboxic, missingfaction and watchnicon, and lots of randoms made for nothing at all. I dislike making icon dumps so at least I tried to keep the size of this reasonable (well, under 100 at least) by leaving some of the most atrocious ones out, but I'm not very good at estimating how good an individual icon is so I didn't exclude that many. Really I'll try my best to make smaller posts from now on, this basically has all the random icons I've made since September so that explains the size :p

First, multifandom for the remake activity at bestof_icons, click for the (mostly much better) old icons .__.

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Annnd here's the rest of this icon dump, organized by fandom.

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