January 30th, 2014

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bestof_icons results: top 11 icons from 2013

According to the bestof_icons results my top 11 icons made in 2013 were, in order:

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I'm thrilled at this result cause many of these were my own favorites from my 2013 icons too, and I think it's a very good sample to represent what I like to do with icons. I'm surprised and delighted that some of my more experimental icons were that well received (2 and 3 for example, especially 2 because seriously I never paint! I can't paint! It's just... not a thing that i do, usually, but I'd like to, so this is really encouraging).
I don't dislike any of these icons and that's saying a lot! The only thing that makes me alb sad is that there's only one icon here that was made during the last few months of the year, mostly these are from April-July, so maybe I did get worse like I thought I had, haha.  But overall I think this selection is very similar to what I had hoped it would be, and I'm extremely grateful and happy that other makers seem to appreciate me for what I am and not just some lucky exception icons that don't reflect my style as a whole. So, HUGE THANKS to everyone who voted! ♥

Also, make sure to check all the fantastic winner icons from everyone else here!!

What did you think about your results? Were you happy or disappointed? Did your top results reflect your style well, and if not, does this bother you? I'm very interested in hearing what kind of thoughts this awesome event has inspired in you!
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