January 21st, 2014

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20 icons for inspired20in20 - LOST + DW (mostly)


LOST [13]
Doctor Who [6]
Person of Interest [1]

For inspired20in20: round 30 and the theme Out with the old, in with the new, as in, making 10 icons using styles and fandoms we used a lot last year, and then making 10 icons trying to achieve/practise our icon goals for this year.

Don't take the title too literally though, I'm definitely not throwing out any of these old techniques :D and I'm not sure if the new set is any indication of what I'll continue doing, who knows what will inspire me next, but these were some of the many things I wanted to practise at least a little this year so this challenge was the perfect opportunity!

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I feel great about just being able to finish after all and maybe starting to get less rusty, so that's enough for me, but if someone likes one or two of these then that would just make me extra happy! :)

I still have a decent amount of unposted 2013 icons, so there's an icon dump post coming soon, I just decided not to mix other icons with 20in20 entries anymore cause this year I want my icon posts to be smaller and more frequent.

* Comments very much appreciated!
* Take any you want, crediting is optional
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