January 20th, 2013

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38 icons (mostly Doctor Who)

First actual icon post of 2013, containing a Rose Tyler set for character20n20 and the remake icons I made for the remake activity at bestof_icons.


Doctor Who 21 (almost all of Rose)
Farscape 5 + 1 alt
Battlestar Galactica 3
Game of Thrones 2
Harry Potter 2
I Am Number Four, Star Trek (2009), Buffy, The Big Bang Theory 1 each

I'd love to hear your thoughts on any of these. I've kinda sucked at commenting this round at character20n20 but fear not, I still intend to go through everyone's sets even if it's a bit late :>

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I'm mostly really happy with the remakes and think the majority of them are better than the originals, so yay I may have actually improved during 2012! \o/

This Rose set I'm not that happy with though :| I like most of the ones I made first, but then I ran out of time again despite not signing up for anything else this month (but then again I spent a lot of time with the nominating at bestof_icons and making that damn progress post and I may have gotten a bit sidetracked by the7days too, so not that surprising after all) soooo I kinda dislike a lot of these as well. But then again I've noticed that I'm a horrible judge of my own icons, so who knows :p

Also, this is yet another set where I can't choose between simple and complex and muted and vibrant so yeah who else is surprised.
I had two reasons to pick Rose: 1) she's FULL OF WIN and more importantly 2) she's a cutie and the perfect subject to color, srsly, more tv characters should wear candy colors like she does :D and yes I totally used a Farscape quote on one of them, lol.

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Hope you found at least one icon to like, and if you did please let me know? :D ♥