January 15th, 2013

t-bag: they always try to run away

Icon progression post, part 2

I know, I know, everyone else has already moved on to 2013, but I'm still making progression posts :p Anyway, this is the second part to my progression post (the first part here), and this part is all about 2012. This one isn't quite as lulzy when it comes to bad icons (I would hope so at least!), but hopefully this is more interesting from a progress point of view? Idk.

Warning: image heavy and rambly. This might get weirdly scrambled if you click the cut, so I'd advice to click the title!

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So this was my 2012, hope you agree that it was an improvement from the previous year :) Nobody will actually read these rambles, but I really loved writing this if only for the opportunity to scrutinize all my sets. My progress hasn't been very linear cause my style jumps all over the place, but I suppose the slope of the quality curve has been positive for the most part, and I hope I can keep that up! Also making this post really showed me how freaking many icons I've made, which is why one of my icon resolutions was basically to make a bit fewer of them this year in an attempt to focus on quality over quantity.

And now I'm finally ready to move on to 2013, expect my next post (character20n20 + Rose Tyler) in a couple of days :)