October 6th, 2012

t-bag: they always try to run away

Tutorials 4 & 5: complex Harry, simple Athena

These are just two quickies, much shorther than my usual tutorials cause the icons had very few layers. tiptoetwirl requested a tutorial for these two so here they are :> Yes, the rest of my Ask the Maker tuts are still on the way, I just wanted to make these first kind of as an easy way to get me to write them again.

Tutorial #4:

Difficulty: Intermediate
Translatable: to programs with Gradient Maps

Collapse )

Tutorial #5:

Difficulty: Easy-ish
Translatability: to programs with Gradient Maps

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Please ask if something was unclear. There were a couple of parts that weren't easy to explain so I'm not at all surprised if you have questions. Hopefully this was of some use to someone too :)