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OMG WHAAAT??? o.O + pimpage


I'm at a loss of words for how stunned and flattered and ecstatic I am to have been nominated in that many categories. I don't even care if nobody votes for me in any of them, it's just so wonderful that someone (possibly even multiple different people, as I don't really think anyone would nominate the same person for everything!) has even thought that I would deserve that ;___;

in a way these 'social categories' are just as important to me as what people think of my actual icons, because it's one thing to be a good maker, but it's even more awesome if people like both you and your icons, and that you can give some sort of small contribution to the amazing iconing community. I'm so thrilled about every single comment and other sign of appreciation I get, so I couldn't just not give back, right? So the fact that people have noticed and appreciated that is just too awesome for words. It really motivates me to keep doing the same from now on too, as much as I can, and also try to catch up with everyone I feel I've neglected in my busy state lately.

(although tbh I have no clue how I can be nominated in the 'best icon critiquer' category. The others I can somehow get, but this one kinda puzzles me because, I mean... I never give concrit, lol. Maybe once or twice in the whole year and whenever I'm required to for a challenge, but even then i feel like I always say the same vague things. Glad it's enough for someone :D but I'd feel really really guilty if I got any votes in that category as I've hardly done anything relating to it!)


Icon Appreciation Month Awards 2012 (Colors)
Icon Appreciation Month Awards 2012 (Cropping)
Icon Appreciation Month Awards 2012 (Composition part 1)
Icon Appreciation Month Awards 2012 (Composition part 2)

and wow I really really reallllllly didn't see myself getting into some of these categories as well, I mean I thought people just nominate the super extra good makers in these. so yeah even more shocked about that. thank you, again. *__*

ok sorry for the speech I know this is awkward and corny and all but I don't even care because SO HAPPY ♥ best of luck to everyone else in the votings too!!! And a BIG THANKS to everyone who nominated or even thought of nominating me in any of these :)
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