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but the trope_overdosed deadline is like right now so no choice in that! (always last minute. ALWAYS. I need to do something about my time managements skills!)

So these are a few batches + some randoms I've made recently. Fandoms include:

Doctor Who 25
Buffyverse 25
Farscape 9
Star Wars 5
Battlestar Galactica 5
StarGate sg1 3
Game of Thrones 2 or 3
Harry Potter 2
Star Trek TOS 2
Brokeback Mountain 2
The Big Bang Theory, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Fringe, Avatar 1 each
and some fandoms that may or may not be White Collar, True Blood, Teen Wolf, Merlin, Supernatural and Breaking Bad

and they are made for various challenge comms (trope_overdosed, iconbattling, turbo_rumble, iconflashes, whedon_elite, scificontest)

for trope_overdosed
The last challenge ;___; I tried to make all the tropes but couldn't make everything work that well so these are just most. Anyway hope they're ok as they're the last I get to make for that comm!


[Tropes and fandoms]
Tropes and fandoms:

1 Bittersweet Ending
2 You Can't Go Home Again
3 Pan Up to the Sky Ending
4 Paint It Black
5 Iris Out
Doctor Who
6 Yellow Lighting/Blue Lighting
7 Tastes Like Diabetes
8 Sharp Dressed Man
9 Real Is Brown
10 Back for the Finale
11 Action Survivor
The Big Bang Theory
12 Riding Into the Sunset
13 Smoking Is Cool
14 Gaussian Girl
15 Gorgeous Period Dress
16 Put on a Bus
17 Future Is Noir
18 Femme Fatale
19 Action Girl
Harry Potter
20 The Sliding Scale of Shiny vs Gritty
21 Epilogue Letter
Stargate sg1:
22 Plot Sensitive items
23 All Just a Dream

24 Star Wars: Heterosexual Life Partners

25 Battlestar Galactica: Your Princess Is in Another Castle
26 Star Trek Search for Spock: Earn Your Happy Ending
27 The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Camera Screw
28 Game of Thrones: Above the Ruins


These were for iconbattling and I'm not quite sure of all the fandoms so please let me know if you know the missing/mistagged fandoms?

True Blood, Teen Wolf, Merlin, Doctor Who, White Collar?
Supernatural, Game of Thrones x2??, Breaking Bad?, Farscape


This is my second attempt at the first sidequest (chapter 1) at theiconquest, this time for the Wizard palette. They're all Doctor Who (I HAVE A PHASE, BEAR WITH ME :p).

39 40 41 42 43

44 45 46 47 48


This was my turbo_rumble set for the last round and I made it ages ago but just forgot to post them, haha. Some of these definitely look like I could have maybe made them better now, but some I like a lot so I'll just post them all :)

Doctor Who x5
Buffy x2, Angel, Star Wars x2
Star Wars, Farscape


And these were made for whedon_elite, scificontest and iconflashes.
Some of these are quite old (from August!! :O), my OCD just can't leave them unposted, haha. Most of these are quite recent though.

BTVS x15
Farscape x2, Doctor Who x3
BSG x4, Star Wars
StarGate sg1, Star Trek, Fringe, Brokeback mountain x2

Comments would be awesome!!! ♥
Tags: !maker: jsfunction, movie: avatar, movie: brokeback mountain, movie: harry potter, movie: star wars, movie: the rocky horror picture show, tv: angel, tv: battlestar galactica, tv: buffy the vampire slayer, tv: doctor who, tv: farscape, tv: fringe, tv: game of thrones, tv: merlin, tv: star trek, tv: stargate sg1, tv: supernatural, tv: teen wolf, tv: the big bang theory, type: icons
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