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Remember Me - Land of art Challenge

For this challenge, we had to do graphics for characters, celebs or famous people that made an impact on our lives, but have since died.

So welcome to my Childhood.

Yes, mine are all connected, this was me as a kid.

I wrote my very first fan letter to John Denver. I asked him to come over and visit. I was probably about 5 or 6 at the time. He later went on to write what is still one of my favorite songs, Calypso, which is an homage to Jacques Cousteau's research ship the Calypso.

Which brings me to:

As a kid who was raised on King Kong and Godzilla movies, when I saw the trailers for JAWS I wanted to see it SO BADLY that I was able to convince the mother of my best friend at the time to take us to see it. (We were 9 years old) I could write a whole paper on what this movie means to me, but suffice it to say, when I left that movie theatre, I wanted to know anything and everything I could about sharks. And so I spent the rest of that summer in the library inhaling every book they had about sharks. And that brings me to:

JAWS was Peter Benchley's first novel. No one expected it to sell, let alone become the one thing he was most remembered for. My most prized possession is a Reader's Digest Condensed volume from the 70's that has JAWS in it. My grandfather had a subscription and got them once a month. He gave me the one that had JAWS in it and though it has clearly seen better days (thankfully, it's hardcover), it is a well read and well loved volume. Which brings me to last, but not at all, least:

I read a lot of Cousteau's books at the library that summer I was reading about sharks. I really loved his writing. It was friendly, personable and easy for a 9 year old to read. Certainly not over my head at all. I loved his TV show (pretty much any documentary on animals, under the sea or not. I'm still a sucker for a good Documentary)He was my childhood hero.

And an extra picspam of Bruce, because he is awesome and he started my love for sharks.

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