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20 icons (farscape20in20 + small multifandom set)

Just two small sets!

Farscape 11
Doctor Who 5
Sucker Punch 1
Skins 1
Game of Thrones 1

These are for the 22th round of the ever awesome farscape_20in20. The theme of the round was tropes, and we got to choose our own. My claim was Season 1 and let me tell you those bluray caps are SOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD compared to what we had before. ♥ WE NEED MOAR OF THEM. I have some capped (2x01-2x05) but not sure where I could upload them cause the files are too big for any free sites ;_; and splitting them into smaller batches feels soooo inconvenient, but idk if that's the correct way to do it? Maybe I'll delazify myself one day and do that, if there's interest in them?

Oh, the icons, right!

Expository Hairstyle Change Aside Glance Arch Enemy Cool Mask Robinsonade
Percussive Therapy Trojan Prisoner Plant Aliens Ancestral Weapon Bruiser with a Soft Center

And this is a small 'any fandom goes' challenge me and thyla87 came up with, as we had a lot of fun with our ac set for the previous round. So we both randomized 10 songs and had to use some lyrics from them in our icons. I think it's a fun way to practise text which I don't think I'm still very good at. Seriously almost each of these took me hours and they're still not perfect! Text is haaaard :O if anyone wants to torture me/have fun with me/something in between, I'd still be up for any text challenge with someone, cause hey constant practise is the only way to get better!

Thyla's set can be found here.
Hover for artist/song.

* Take any you want, credit if you want to
* I have huge appreciation for each and every comment :)
* Concrit is welcome
* Resources
* Hotlinking = noooooo
* The Master = still perfection even though this isn't a batch of him :p

p.s. Expect to be spammed by my icons a lot in the following days/weeks. I have an insane amount of icon activities going on and I'm so excited of them all. I haven't felt this on fire about iconing for ages, I think the last time was over half a year ago. I JUST WANT TO ICON ALL THE TIME. Hope you don't mind :)
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