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3 Wallpapers: LOA Challenge 17: Show Us Your Roots

Not my best stuff.. but intensely personal stuff. Especially the second one (in which I babble about my family history.)

I was born in Centralia, Illinois. USA.

In 1874 My Great-Great-Grandfather Gus Garnier (that's him in the upper left!) began working with his uncle in his Cabinet making and undertaking business. In 1929, Gus and his sons; my great-grandfather Ira Joseph Sr (that's him in the upper right corner!) and his brother Robert took the funeral home separate and it became Garnier and Sons Funeral Home. My Grandfather, Ira Garnier Jr became the 3rd generation Funeral Director and my father, Richard, was the Fourth Generation. I spent the majority if my childhood within those walls. The funeral home was the family hub, when we all got together (and there were a lot of us! We invariably ended up at the funeral home. My sister even had her wedding in the chapel. Sadly last year, my father sold the business to .. well, I won't go into that. It's a sore subject. Needless to say, I am extremely proud to have this kind of history in my family and to be in the ranks of those who grew up in and around a funeral home. (Not as creepy as you think, though I DO have a macabre sense of humor. Got that from my Grandpa Jr. ;) )

Fun Fact: We actually lived across the street from the FH, and I learned how to spell my last name by swinging on the swing set and spelling out/saying outloud the letters on the name placard over the ambulance garage. G-A-R-N-I-E-R. :)

I consider St Louis Missouri to be my second hometown, because I spent a huge chunk of the first seven years of my life in Cardinal Glennon Children's hospital. I was born with a congenital heart defect, that thanks to the good doctors at Cardinal Glennon, has been corrected. :)

And this challenge proves there is a reason my mother calls me her "nostalgia kid". :) I am very proud of my roots and my family's history.
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